Peter Agi And Suspected Burden Of Guilt

Dismissed Former Unical Bursar, Peter Agi

Some days ago, the social media was agog over a haphazard article by a certain Ogar Emmanuel Oko titled "THE ACCUSED; THE ACCUSER, THE PURVERYOUR OF THE ACCUSATIONS AND THE REST OF US". 

The article was crafted with the sole aim of attacking the good reputation of former University of Calabar (Unical) quintessential and award winning Vice Chancellor, Prof. Zana Akpagu and his then head of Media, Comrade Inyali Peter, a Lecturer in the University. 

He alleged so many things in the haphazard article ranging from accusing the former VC of witch-hunting ex-Unical Bursar, Peter Agi. He also accused Comrade Inyali Peter, who served as Chairman of Unical Press Corps with Prof. Akpagu's illustrious regime as  being used to publish some allegations against the former Bursar. 

While it's meaningless to go into details to reproduce the gibberish, it's clear that what Ogar did was a rushed image laundry for Agi. To achieve that, he felt disparaging the former VC and his Boy, Inyali would help give credibility to his message. But as always, he failed. 

The article was inspired by a recent drama in a Federal High Court in Calabar where Godwin Nyiam who took Agi to court for allegedly defrauding the University to the tone of N250m withdrew the allegations against him. Unical which was joined in the case as interested party also applied to discontinue with the matter. 

The development went wild in the social media with many claiming Agi was discharged and aquited. Nothing can be farther from the truth because he wasn't. The campaign by Ogar Emmanuel and a few hired social media users was to achieve one thing, clear Agi of the alleged burden of guilt hanging around his neck. 

It's instructive to also add that Agi's appointment as Bursar nay Unical staff was terminated for gross misconduct, insubordination and refusal to appear before the 11th Governing Council Disciplinary Committee and not because of the alleged N250m fraud which he was standing trial in court. He was dismissed by the 11th Governing Council and not the Vice Chancellor. 

Agi appealed his dismissal three times to the 12th Governing Council and was thrown away three times. He went to Industrial Court but lost as he was directed to wiat for the decision of the President haven petitioned the Presidency. 

The game Agi is playing now is to seek reinstatement to office from the 13th Governing Council because to him, they don't have records of his past deeds. But the council too have refused to treat his issue, directing that he waits for the decision of the Presidential Visitation Panel where he took the matter to.

During the panel's visit to Unical recently, two former VCs, Prof. James Epoke and Prof. Akpagu were invited and they testified against him. Suspecting that nothing meaningful will come from the panel, he has decided to preempt them by hiring willing tools to carry out social media campaign for his reinstatement. 

Also, before the termination of his appointment, he was petitioned by several bodies in the University ranging from ASUU, SSANU, NAAT, etc. So, it wasn't the VC vs Agi's as he wants people to believe but the University against a youngman who allowed power get into his head. 

Besides, Agi's name  was also linked to alleged fraud when he worked with the All States Trust Bank, Apapa Wharf Branch. He was allegedly suspended from the establishment for that. He probably escaped jail because the bank later shutdown. 

Same allegation followed him when he worked with CON OIL.

On the laughable allegation that Inyali Peter ran way from his job in Unical, Ogar and his pay Master should know that Inyali knows the rules guiding his employment in Unical. Why should Inyali even abandon his job because of Agi? Is Agi a staff of the University? Did he commit any offence against him? 

For clarity, Inyali did not run. He's still a staff of Unical who is on secondment to the federal Ministry of Power, office of the Honourable Minister of State, Power, Goddy Jedy-Agba, OFR.

He's still drawing his full salary from the University as he's not on salary in the Ministry of Power. Even when his salary was stopped in error, Inyali wrote to the University and approval for reinstatement and payment of arrears was granted. 

How can someone who ran away from the University even complian that his salary was stopped? 

Agi and his cohorts are advised to focus on more meaningful things for their lives than spending their whole lives trying, in vain to blackmail Prof. Akpagu and Inyali. 

The former VC has since moved on with his life. He fills fullfiled because no matter what his enemies do, his legacies in Unical still stand tall and it'll take a miracle for anybody to beat his records. 

Inyali is very proud of the services he rendered to Professor Akpagu while as VC and will do that again and again if opportunity presents itself. 
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