Nche Bikwe Bows Out of Ogoja Chairmanship Race

Mr. Nche Bikwe

 The Freedom Ogoja 2017 team Sunday, April 16th 2017, held an interactive session with the leadership and stakeholders of All Progressive Congress (APC), Mbube West ward II in Ogoja Local Government Area of Cross River State.

Miss Gina Achong who spoke for Comrade Ferdinand Agabi, the Director General, informed the ward leaders and some invited guest of the Team activities thus far which is geared towards freeing Ogoja from the shackles which hold us from reaching for the impossible and exploring the unexplored, to one where people must be free to think, free to dream, free to explore, free to express, free to change, and even free to fail, all to make Ogoja great again.

She announced to the leaders that due to the political configurations which demands that all positions should be shared between the Bakor and Mbube communities in the LGA, and the need for the APC to emerge victorious in the June 17th election, that their principal Mr. Nche Bikwe has officially stepped out from the Chairmanship race.

Mr. Nche Bikwe thanked all members, supporters and admirers of Team Freedom for their tremendous contributions to the cause. He said he is glad that the team's activities has made the APC more popular in Ogoja especially amongst the youths and that our people now understands that, the APC is a youth friendly party in support of a generational shift of political leaders. Nche said Team Freedom will continue to work for the APC.

The ward Chairman Mr. Peter Osang, thanked the Team for coming, he said it only takes a man with wisdom to know when to hold-on or to walk away. That it is good to allow people take turns.

A stakeholder in the ward Mr. Frank Obi, commended Nche Bikwe for his boldness and commitment to the APC. Frank Obi said members should copy the Nche example by not being desperate in their ambition for political office, that the overall interest of the party and Ogoja should be put first before anything.

The ward Youth leader, Comrade Anthony Asue said he is proud of the position which Nche has taken, that he has proved that he is not only ready for leadership but he is also capable of making great decision as circumstances demands, that with this Nche should be considered for other positions.

This unedited report was sent by Nche Bikwe.

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