Those demanding Buhari’s resignation are ignorant of the constitution- Former Head of Service

Anthony Ubong, Calabar

FORMER Head of Service in the Old Cross River State, Chief Wilfred Inah has said that those demanding for the resignation of President Muhammadu Buhari on account of his ill-health are ignorant of the provisions of the constitution.

Chief Inah who stated this on Thursday in an exclusive chat with the Nigerian Tribune in Calabar said there was no provision in the constitution that stipulates that the President must resign over his long absence from office.

He said no vacuum has been created by Buhari’s long absence since he had transmitted a letter to the National Assembly directing the Vice-President, Prof. Yemi Osibajo to act in his stead.

Inah who is also a former Commissioner representing Cross River State in the Federal Character Commission said, ‘’ If somebody is out of the country on account of his ill health does anybody want him to come back before he feels completely well? 

There is nothing wrong with Buhari’s long absence from the country because he is trying to take care of his health.

‘’If he stays away for 92 days is there anywhere in the constitution that it is stipulated that if the President is out of the country for 90 days he should resign? There is no such provision.

‘’The only provision we have in the constitution about the absence of the President is very clear.  If he getting out of the country for anyreason including ill health he has to write a letter to the National Assembly and ask the Vice President to perform his duties-the constitution does not say after two or three months he must resign. There is no such provision.

‘’As far as I am concerned all those who are calling for his resignation are completely ignorant of the provisions of theconstitution. They should go back and read the constitution. Buhari is
not incapacitated so there is no reason for anyone to demand his resignation.’’

This came as he advocated for the restructuring of the country, saying that it would make states more viable and less dependent on the federal government.

 Inah, a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Cross River said for Nigeria to get out of the woods and be great again it must, as a matter of urgency commence the process of restructuring.

‘’I think that we should embrace restructuring as a country because each region will take of its own affairs in many respects and people will generate revenue to run those governments exactly as it was in those days where the north depended on cotton and groundnuts and they used that to build Amadu Bello University and do other things, he said’’.
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