2018 is not a year to look for a Job, Philip Obin, CEO of POTECH

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2018 is not a year to look for a job or continue in one if you're not happy in it, especially if age is still on your side. Don't join the majority in making the mistake of wasting your youthful age working for others only to start your own business when you're weak

Considering the state of today's global economy, entrepreneurship is the way to go. I encourage you to delve into the possibilities of entrepreneurial endeavors instead of relying on the govt to provide job opportunities. I know you've heard this a million times but follow me...

When we hear the word 'entrepreneur', what comes to mind is always "How to raise capital to start up a business?", and that's exactly what I want to share with you today. Entrepreneurship isn't about startup capital. It's 1st about your mindset and willingness to take risk

I'm proposing to teach you some essential global and 'mobile' skills that will cost you little or nothing, within the shortest time possible, yet equip you to survive profitably anywhere you find yourself in the world, be it in the labor market or as a private business person

The skills in question are basically ICT skills you already know or possess but never thought could be developed and consolidated, so there's nothing to worry about, as you do not need to reinvent the wheel. I'm going to simplify them as simple as ABC for you!

Before I finally settled on these skills, I had done sales of foodstuff, petroleum products, video clubbing, journalism, barbing, scriptwriting, hawking, business center, traditional marketing, etc. None of these businesses gave me the fulfillment freedom I enjoy today!

I may not have made billions but since I acquired these skills and learnt these businesses over a decade ago, I have never been completely broke, as there's no passing day I don't make money, including weekends & holidays. Making money daily, however small, extends one's lifespan

*The skills/businesses are:*
1. Web Design
2. Blogging
3. Digital Marketing
4. Mobile Money
5. ePayment & Payment processing
6. Bulk SMS & phone number generation
7. Android App development
8. Recharge Card Business
9. Courier Services
The best part is that most of these can be done without a physical office

If you take a critical look at these skills and solutions, you'll agree with me that they are the present and the future, and can only evolve bigger, so why not plug into them right now. ICT has come to stay and has revolutionized the way we do almost everything today!

Every business today wants to go online. Consequently, business owners want a mobile-friendly, responsive and attention-grabbing website to stand out in the crowd. As a result, even content management systems like Wordpress cannot replace the need for Web designers.

According to salary.com, annual Web Designer salary is $73,486, as of January 02, 2018, with a range usually between $62,913 - $83,980; depending on a variety of factors. In the month of December 2017 alone, I did 5 websites & got paid N140,000 for the least of them.

Even if you start with charging N50,000/website and only able to complete 4 sites in a month, you would be earning an average of N200,000, which is far above what the average 9-5 rate race salary earner takes home monthly. This you can achieve from the comfort of your home

This is in addition to the regular maintenance fees you would be charging your clients, plus annual renewal fees, as websites are renewed on annual basis in most cases. I charge 50% annual fee of initial payment, even as I have some clients paying N200,000 annually since 2009

If you start off with an average of 4 jobs/month, in just a year's time, you would have gotten 48 clients who would collectively pay you a minimum of N1,200,000.00 yearly to renew their websites, that's if you charge as low as N50,000/site, and you can double this figure yearly!

As listed at potechng.com/website, my web design packages range from N10,000 to N750,000, even though I am on the verge of signing a 1 million naira deal with an association for an integrated project that could take up to a month to complete.

Interestingly, web design has evolved over the years as web designing is no longer as technical and difficult as many still think it is. Thanks to those developing easy to use or drag and drop web design applications. I will teach you how to build stunning websites within a week

You can make more money buying and selling domain names, which is legally allowed. All you need do is carefully research popular brands that are yet to embrace the internet, register their names, wait for them to wake up from their slumber or prospect them to buy off the domains

*Some of the most expensive domain names sold are:*
Insurance.com - *$35.6 million*
VacationRentals.com - *$35 million*
PrivateJet.com - *$30.18 million*
Internet.com - *$18 million*
These domains were originally bought at the regular price of *$10 - $15*

For example, you can register *dangote.com or Atiku.ng at N5,000 and N15,000 respectively,* in anticipation that someday, the owners of these brands will come asking for them, and they'll be at your mercy - meaning a lot of cool money for you. I will show you how...

It was partly the money I made from selling ZoomMobile domain to the defunct Reltel when the telco rebanded to Zoom Mobile without knowing they should have first reserved their domain names before announcing new name, that saw me moved from Ajegunle to Surulere in 2007/2008

When it comes to a lifestyle-friendly business, blogging appears to have it all. You get to work from home, focus on a topic of interest and share your creative talents. But can you really earn a living as a blogger? And if so, what’s the best way to get started?

How much you’ll ultimately earn and how quickly you would turn a profit depends on the quality of your content, your niche, how often you blog and, most importantly, how effective you are at promoting and monetizing your blog.

It's possible to earn 24 million naira /year as a blogger at N96,360/day or N36,500,000.00/year at about 90 kobo CPC, from Google AdSense through your blog. However, you'll need approximately 100,000 unique visitors to your blog at 1% CTR, which gives you about 1,000 clicks/day

To be honest, only established bloggers can achieve this. However, there are many other ways to earn from a blog, almost instantly at my forthcoming training, even before you start generating high traffic. You'll learn that even those with tight schedules can own and run a blog!

*Here are how much Linda Ikeji charges for adverts on her blog:*
Leaderboard N1,500,000/month
Sidebar ads N600,000/month
Sponsored posts - N70,000 per post (If she posts it 10 times, you pay N70,000 times 10)
Page branding (background takeover) - N2,500,000 monthly

You'll learn how to automate your blog to automatically post a new article every 60 minutes and also update same on your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) without your physical help. You also get apps that will help you rewrite articles copied from others

With a popular blog, you’ll soon become famous and your blog may earn you money for life. It will also provide you with an avenue to market anything, just like I do at fullyreported.com. With 2019 general elections around the corner, there's no better time to start a blog!

The number of retail eCommerce transactions taking place through smartphones in Nigeria spiked by 73 percent within the first quarter of 2016. Nigeria’s ICT is finding strength in eCommerce, a sub-sector estimated to worth N3.06t, according to market observers

While on Xmas/new year vacation far away in my village, with very limited network coverage, minimum of N100,000 was entering my bank accounts on daily basis, thanks to digital marketing! Now is the time to tap into the Nigerian eCommerce industry estimated to hit $3.9b by 2020

Ms Gloria, one the Digital Marketers I mentor, sold items worth over N5million online within 2 weeks. She had no products of her own, not even a shop or adequate capital. She simply keyed into the power of digital marketing, which is what I will teach you at my February training

Stop wasting your time on social media abusing people, debating Buhari vs Jonathan, PDP vs APC or just sharing annoying religious chain messages. The internet, especially digital media, is underutilized by lots of younger people, who are rather unconsciously addicted to it.

Part of Mark Zuckerberg's vision is to lift as many people as possible out of poverty, through Facebook, and now is time to position yourself to key into this vision. Imagine how much you've spent on data & smartphones + time wasted online since you bought your first mobile phone

Jumia, Konga, Dealdey, Yudala, Payporte, OLX; Wakanow, and others, have pushed the frontiers of Internet businesses in Nigeria, getting about 400,000 online orders every 24 hours. Yet the market is still at an infant stage & you can be part of the emerging market.

While you may not afford to start as big as Jumia & co, you could start by selling online for others. Lots of physical store owners and suppliers overtaken by online stores are willing to partner with you to sell their products online. This is how we roll...

I sell an average of 5 products online daily and have never met most of the suppliers of these products I sell online.

All I do is call suppliers to get prices/details of products, add my profit + delivery charges, advertise products online, get buyers to pay me upfront, send money to the supplier, get DHL pick up and deliver within 48hrs, and everyone involved is happy! Isn't this amazing?

Mobile payment is payment services operated under financial regulation and performed via a mobile device. Instead of paying with cash, cheques, or credit cards, a consumer uses a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods.

In developing countries, mobile payment solutions have been deployed as a means of extending financial services to the community known as the "unbanked" or "underbanked," which is estimated to be as much as 50% of the world's adult population.

As the number of active telecommunication subscribers in Nigeria hits 150 million plus and about 53.0% adult Nigerian yet to get access to banking services, there’s huge potential in the Mobile Money business. I will practically show you how to achieve this at my next training

As a mobile Agent, I already have over 3,000 subscribers under my agent code. I earn a monthly fee of N100 from each of my active subscribers + commissions on their transactions and 2% cash commission on all airtime purchases made by my subscribers.

As an agent, I also issue and fund ATM cards (MasterCard). Other services are account opening, fund transfers, cash deposits/withdrawal, account opening, sales of airtime, bill payments such as DStv/GOtv, Startimes, PHCN, Internet subscription, etc. I earn from these, too.

As the CBN cashless policy 'forces' corporates and individuals to embrace ePayment channels as means of payments for goods & services, the need for integration of web payment gateway & deployment of POS to business centres is on the increase nationwide.

Supermarkets, Hotels/Restaurants, Electronic Shops, Pharmacies, Boutiques, Hospitals, Distributors, & even petty traders are now confronted by customers who prefer to pay with ATM cards. Consequently, the demand for POS terminals has increased & so are the requirements from banks

Because banks are not allowed to sell POS to merchants, most of them now require account holders to do min of 10m monthly transactions for months before qualifying for POS. This makes it difficult for most businesses & here is the business. Learn how to deploy POS & earn BIG

Almost all website owners selling online today require payment gateway integration of their website for processing of payments. This is another huge opportunity, and you don't even need to know how to do the integration yourself to make money from it. I will teach you how...

If you are looking for a profitable business to do from home, even while keeping your paid job, then Bulk SMS business is a must. Target churches, schools, clubs, association, banks & the corporate world. With about 50k only, you can get started!

Bulk SMS is the delivery of large numbers of SMS messages to mobile phone phones. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

I started this business in 2005 & now have 14,000+ customers who buy phone numbers & send SMS from my portal, potechsms.com with over 100 million units of SMS already sold. You can even automate the system is a way that customers buy & pay for units online & send SMS

You can also sell location-based phone numbers to your bulk SMS customers & earn more. We sell at 50 kobo - 1 naira per number. But at my upcoming bulk SMS training, participants will be given over 90 million phone numbers separated by states, LGAs, towns, gender, etc for FREE!

In the build-up to the 2015 elections, the business witnessed a boom, as I sold SMS & phone numbers worth over 20 million naira within that period. With 2019 around the corner now is the next best time to position yourself ahead of the general elections. Politicians will love you

Recharge cards are some of the highest selling products in Nigeria today. With everybody buying airtime almost everything, you don't need to ask for who to sell to. Everyone around you is a potential customer. You can start with just N15,000 only!

Profit margins may be low (usually between 3 - 10%, depending on networks & volume of investment), the volume of transactions are usually high. Apart from the direct profit, the amount of money coming into your account will make it easier for your bank to grant you loans...

Explore Club080.com/airtime.php where I sell airtime of all networks at 3% discount to over 45,000 members of Club080.com, a referral network business, and you'll see how easy and fully automated the business could be. You don't want to miss my upcoming training.

Did you know you could start your own courier and delivery services without initial capital or registering one? At my upcoming training, I will show you how I started one, picking up & delivering shipments within Nigeria and overseas. Information is truly power

Missing my upcoming business Bootcamp is not an option. Choose one, more or all of the training programs below. The program is ideal for those unique individuals who have the passion, creative energy, vision & insight to start and grow online business

Potech Ltd. #20 Adeniran Ogunsanya, directly opposite Yesufu Sanusi Street, Surulere Lagos

*Schedules & Costs (9am - 3PM daily)*
1. Recharge Card, Courier Services & Mobile Money Business, bulk SMS & Phone Number Generation
5th Feb - *N20,000*

2. Professional Blogging
6th Feb - *N20,000*

3. Digital Marketing & ePayment processing
7th Feb - *N20,000*

4. Web Design, Domain Reg, Hosting + Android App Development (Webview)
8th-11th Feb - *N40,000*

Pay *N50,000* (50% off) for all training programs, if you're paying within January

*N60,000* for all, if you're paying between 1st and 4th February

*70,000* for all, if you're paying at the venue on 5th February

Pay *exact fees* if you're participating in one or more programs

*Participation fee covers:*
1. Creation of your blog & website
2. Multiple Online Stores
3. Easy to use web design software
4. Professional image editing software
5. 90 million phone numbers
6. 10,000 emails
7.100,000 Club080.com membership
8. Further Training eBooks & videos
9. Nigerian Business Directory with over 100,000 company details
10. Access to my suppliers
11. 1 square meal daily
12. Certificate of participation

Participate for free if you can get me 2 participants or get *10% commission* per referral on each participant referred

*Pay to Potech Integrated Services Ltd:*
GTBank: 0014974268
Diamond Bank: 0028652769
To pay online, visit potechng.com/pay
Text/call/ WhatsApp 08027196002, 08062623609, after payment, to reserve a seat, as we have limited slots

Reserve a seat now at http//potechng.com/bootcamp and thank you for reading!

*Philip Obin*
CEO @ Potech Ltd
President @ Club080.com
Founder @ Wazobialand.com
Business & Media Consultant
APC Chairmanship Candidate,
Biase LGA, Cross River State,
08027196002 | @PhilipObin
Opinion 6618151003579503965

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