How Ayade Stopped Peace Corps Bill In 7th Assembly By Inyali Peter

Gov Ayade and Patriot Okweche Dominic, CRS Commandant
For the past few days, especially since Cross River diaspora governor, Senator Ben Ayade returned to the state, the strong tiers between the state command of the Peace Corps of Nigeria and the state government have taken over the cyberspace. People have celebrated this relationship to the point that they seem to have forgotten so soon how Ayade led the team that stopped the passage of the bill to establish Peace in the 7th assembly.

Although, Patriot Okweche Dominic, the quintessential Commandant of the organization has built a strong partnership with the government with the aim of growing the state economy and ensuring peace and stability of the state, there's need for Ayade to be remembered the role he played against the organization he is celebrating today.

Ayade who berated the organization in many sessions has today accepted a relationship which climaxed in the award of contract for the sewing of Peace Corps uniform to the contentious Cross River state advanced tailoring shop (Garment Factory). The initiative was driven by the state commandant and should be highly commended. Indeed, Patriot Okweche has demonstrated that he is a true patriotic Cross Riverian who will leave no stone unturned in the quest to developing the state and the youths.

Okweche has always demonstrated passion, determination and commitment in breaching the gap between the poor masses and the fortunate. This move is a great achievement because the long awaited tailoring shop will now kick off and the poor widows who were employed but denied their salaries after many months by Ayade will now work and have a reason to demand their pay.

In fact, attracting such huge contracts to the state even when the ownership of the tailoring shop code named "Garment Factory" is still in the balance is plausible.

Nemesis may not catch up with Ayade immediately but this is a confirmation that the cliché that no man but God hold every man's destiny is a reality. For Ayade, Peace Corps was unnecessary.

Ayade, as the Senator representing the good people of the northern senatorial district championed the anti-peace corps campaign in the Senate and did everything within his powers as a senator to ensure that the bill didn't see the light of the day.

During one of the plenary sessions, when the bill was discussed, Ayade insisted that there was absolutely no need for peace corps. He described it as a scam that every reasonable Nigerian should speak against.

But today, the same organization he painted black and ensured the bill was suspended has now given life to his tailoring shop.  Ordinarily, if Ayade has conscience, he would have recounted the role he played against the organization as a Senator and apologize before accepting the contract. But in his usual tricks, he is pretending as if he supported the idea of the formation or getting government to takeover the organization.

Today, Ayade who never saw anything good in Peace Corps is using it indirectly as a brand ambassador for the so called garment factory.

The man who said Peace Corps was useless is making noise today that he has influenced the employment of 4,000 people into the organization.

What if others had stood against the organization like he did? What if the 8th assembly built on his argument to throw the bill out? Even when the organization has not officially been taken over by government, Ayade and Cross River state have started benefiting from it.

The lack of foresight which has formed part of Ayade's political career should serve as a learning curve for other leaders. The governor and others should always remember that the future is greater than today. He succeeded to kill peace corps bill as a Senator but is using it now to market a brand.

Life naturally is a looking glass and it gives to every man the reflects of his or her action. Just like God removed Ayade from Senate for Peace Corps bill to go through, so shall he remove him for Cross River state to be great again if he refuses to change his rudderless nature.

Just like he didn't sit on the success of the organization forever, he will not sit on the development of Cross River state forever.

What we do today will come back to judge us tomorrow. Governor Ben Ayade should treat everybody, every idea aimed at moving the state forward fairly knowing that the position he occupies today is not a permanent job. One day he will leave just like he left Senate for peace corps to grow and may need others like he needs Peace Corps now for propaganda.

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