UNICAL: Four (4) Incontrovertible reasons that led to ex-Bursar Peter Agi's then suspension

Peter Agi, UNICAL Ex-Bursar
In a letter addressed to the Honourable Minister of Education dated 2nd December 2016 and titled Unjust Termination of Appointment of Peter Agi, Bursar, University of Calabar which was written by Peter Agi, the sacked Bursar of the University of Calabar (UNICAL), it is alleged falsely by Agi that his suspension by the authority of the University was an 'unwarranted victimisation', a catch-22 scenario which 'revolves around my earnest attempt to ensure probity in the financial affairs of the University'. Albeit, what Agi failed to confess to the Honourable Minister whom he intended, in a puerile attempt, to hoodwink was that there are a quadruplet of reason that inspired his suspension.

This publication is deliberately aimed at unbossoming why the recalcitrant Agi was suspended. In his 20th January 2017 reply to the Honourable Minister of Education in a document with reference number UC/VC/45.2 Vice Chancellor Zana Itiunbe Akpagu listed the underlying as being the main reasons why Agi was suspended. They are:

i. Mr Agi imported suspected cultists and thugs from outside the University to confront staff engaged in a peaceful march against the Bursar.

ii. The management of the UNICAL wrote to Mr Agi in a query titled 'Request for Explanation' over the incident noted in (i) above. As usual, Agi collected the query from the security personnel that took it to his house, read it and asked them to return it to the Vice Chancellor with a message that management had no authority to query him.

iii. Agi as a civil servant unilaterally granted press/radio interviews on matters relating to the University without due authorisation from management or council.

iv. Agi abandoned his duty post without seeking or obtaining the permission of the Vice-Chancellor/management and instead in a bizarre way sent a circular to the University community seeking his services to reach him through a phone number which he put out on the circular.

According to my research all these unwholesome acts ascribed to Agi amounts to 'gross misconduct and insubordination'. Again, the law establishing the University of Calabar, Calabar in section 15(2) states inter alia:

The Vice Chancellor may, in a case of misconduct by a member of staff which in the opinion of the Vice Chancellor is prejudicial to the interest of the University, suspend such member and any such suspension shall forthwith be reported to the Council.

Recalled that on Monday 22 August 2016 former Bursar Agi was suspended by the authority of the University of Calabar. His suspension became apposite particularly considering that his acts of misconduct and insubordination was both ridiculous and painted a battered image of the revered academic institution. Beyond that, it crippled the smooth functioning of the school.

It surprises me how the action/inaction of just a staff of the institution could crumble normal official activities. If the assertion that posits that corporate entities operate conveniently via principles and policies, not persons and sentiment is anything to go by then it's important that Agi be put aside like the Biblical prophet Jonah for the ship of UNICAL to proceed unperturbed without threat of sinking.

If these reasons aren't incontestable, why did Agi refused to appear before a Joint Committee of Senate/Council inviting him to appear before her for fair hearing? Besides, why did he refrain from responding to queries directed to him and intended to give him an opportunity to state his own side of the story? I think Agi could not bring himself to replying to the query or appearing before the joint committee because of the heavy burden of guilt that weighed him down. Hmmmm... What a poor boy!

Efio-Ita Nyok
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  1. I think he should be fired, the Governing Council should look into his affairs and dealings from the last 12 months and i bet you a lot more discoveries might emerge.

    just fire him before he ruins the name of our citadel of excellence!!



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