Ayade Talking 'Rubbish' To Say No Ideological Difference Between APC and PDP - Obla

Chief Okoi Obono-obla, SA to President on Prosecution

A Chieftain of the ruling All Progressive Congress, APC and the Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Prosecution, Chief Okoi Obono-obla has described as "rubbish" the media reports credited to Cross River State Governor, Ben Ayade that there's no ideological difference between his party, APC and the People's Democratic Party, PDP.

Obla in a message posted on his Facebook wall berated the Governor for the statement noting that there's clear ideological difference between the two major political parties in Nigeria.

He added that, while the APC stands for social and economic justice, PDP represent prebendalism, retrogression and electoral roguery.

According to him, "Governor Ayade is talking arrant rubbish to suggest that there is no ideological differences between the APC  and  PDP . His mindset is that  of unprincipled and opportunistic politician who litter the political firmament and landscape of Nigeria that do not believe in any thing .

"Has Governor Ayade read the Constitution , Manifesto and other documents of the APC? I do not think so ! If he had taken the pain to read these documents and digested them well he wouldn't have made such a statement !Let me tell Governor Ayade that there are clearly ideological differences between PDP  and APC !

APC stands for a paradigm shift in the management of resources while PDP stands for kleprocracy! APC stands for social and economic Justice while stands  for prebendalism,retrogression, electoral roguery  ! APC is Centre of the left in the political spectrum while PDP stands for centre of the right and conservatism".

Obla maintained that "The fact that unprincipled and opportunistic members of PDP are leaving it in droves and jumping into APC does not blur the ideological differences between APC and PDP .

"I can assure Governor Ayade that no President produced by APC will sell an oil field worth more  $500 billion for a miserable $1.5 billion and share it among himself and his cronies ! I can assure Governor Ayade no National Security Adviser appointed by an APC President would dare  to misappropriate $15 billion budgeted to purchase weaponry for the military".

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