Efio-Ita Nyok
I was discussing with Leader of the YDP in Cross River State, Anthony Bissong Attah last week and made the point that, the 'elders' especially a majority of they who wish that Nigerian youths wrest the reins of power from the senile only end at mere wishes (I must observe that quite a few, a negligible few have invested in youths and this is commendable).

This is what the politically senile do: they deprive the youth of opportunities of human capital development and economic opportunities such that these youthful 'babes and dudes' are eternally dependent.

It's not a coincidence that Nigeria has a more youthful population who are unemployed but a minor senile population who are relatively gainfully employed. It's deliberate though not tacit per se. Simon Utsu and Prince Thomas Abi Jr. Have points in this regard.

That the youths have not discovered themselves a Socrates allegedly enjoined (man know thyself) is a testament to my assertion; that the senile (permit me to use this word in this context) are the ones telling the undiscovered youth his potential is a testimony to the disservice of the senile.

The senile were trained by colonialists and they, in the prime of their youths, challenged their formators. But, at 57 years, Nigerian youths can't discover themselves —you may blame the youths, but, be fare enough to blame the senile more! The one generation bequeath to the other. What did they hand over as a legacy to us the youths? —underdevelopment, corruption, regionalism, tribalism, laziness, illiteracy, everything evil with barely nothing good!

Something is wrong with the thinking of the youths and this is courtesy of the type of education they have had: who designed the curriculum? Youths? I doubt. A human is all he/she thinks and our thinking is determined by the ideas deposited via the educational system of the society!

Thinking basically has to do with inquiry —asking questions, etc. What type of thinking pattern has our educational system midwifed —the type that seeks for scarce/unavailable jobs out there, our educational institutions produces employee-graduates, not employer-graduates! Put differently, Our education doesn't produce entrepreneurs. So, we the youths must graduate from the University to look for employment opportunities. Now, the senile are already employed and falsifying their ages to remain employed. The senile write the constitution and policy books to prevent me at thirty from being eligible to run for elections —only to cast votes for them. And since the jobs/opportunities are not there, the youths must  become 'loyal' being patient and consistent in loyalty like Abang Ogon observed the other day.

The crux of my argument is that, like the Biblical Egyptians were 'spoiled' by the Israelites during their exit, the senile, beyond mere comments, should take deliberate responsibility for the emancipation of the youths.

This is how they will do it I think —they have to overhaul the entire educational system to be enterpreneurial oriented. Job creators not employment seekers must be churned out of our schools at all levels of primary, post-primary and post-secondary. Again, the age limit for elective public offices must be reviewed to accommodate the youths. Anything short of these proposals are bogus and dishonest.

If the senile refuses to initiate this change, I think a revolution is the way out and I don't care whether it's bloody! For the youths who are docile, posterity will not blame the senile but you.

Take your freedom by force!

Efio-Ita Nyok
Is a Social Commentator
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