Re: Ray Morphy Ugba talks before he thinks – Egbara slams Ayade X-appointee

Chief Ray Ugbal Morphy
My attention was drawn to the article by Egbara Emmanuel Ikaba on Chief Ray Morphy entitled, Ray Morphy Ugba talks before he thinks – Egbara slams Ayade X-appointee. For those who knows me, you will agreed that it is not in my nature to join issues when a person misfires. I am compelled to response to this post by the simple reason that Egbara Emmanuel wants to discredit my work and soil the name of noble man with the truest intention. I will attend to the issues raised by him one after the other.

His reasons for the attack were very simple. Ray Ugba constant verbal attack on the state Governor. And for that reason, he talks before he thinks. How funny? I am compel to say that I find his article awkward and meaningless. Come to think of it, for the simple reason that by circumstances or simple opportunity, someone you are at par with becomes a head in an organization must you swallow everything he says hook, line and sinker. Or less let go of that, because someone is your boss, it means everything he does is right even if he is rocking the boat you are in?  That is slave mentality and he is condemned and discarded by every reasonable person anywhere.

It’s unfortunate that Egbara could commit the following in writing “…bury his head in shame after he could not contributed any meaning thing as a special adviser to the Governor for many months due to unproductive mindset and laziness”. This is because asking Chief Ray Morphy about his contribution is simple playing foolhardiness. His position and the paraphernalia of office is not infrastructural neither does it leave visible landmark or conspicuous entity. It is unfortunate that Egbara believes that the office is expected to do a construction of the super highway or possibly build the deep seaport. For the record, the office Chief Ray Ugba resigned from was the office of S.A Strategy & National Contact. Is he expecting Ray Ugba to give him the list of the contacts he made or the strategies he introduced?

Egbara might have forgotten so soon why Ray Ugba resigned. His letter reads in parts, “… as a moral I cannot continue to bear the title of a special adviser when my advice is neither sought nor taken when offered". Why didn’t the Governor or his aide come out to discredit the above? Yet, this is the same person Egbara is asking for his achievements and contribution. May be Egbara did not see the resignation letter or he is blinded by hatred nay he is on a sponsored campaign to do injustice where there is no reason for it. I am happy to inform Egbara Emmanuel about the following extract from the letter, “… I must state that our State finances are at its lowest ebb and I cannot in good conscience continue to receive wages, no matter how small for work not done”. And what is this work not done? “…when my advice is neither sought nor taken when offered”.

From every indication, Egbara was just exhibiting the renowned youthful exuberance. The “noticed me” syndrome having been rendered irrelevant for sometimes now. He is forcing himself into the scene by doing a yeoman’s job when none is needed and very unfortunately on the people’s champion. Come to think of it, everything said about the administration in terms of criticism is helping the administration to sit-up. They pretend not to listen but later implement the advice given. Who is not aware of this? The governor even said it himself that criticism is the tonic that gives him the drive. He even advised his aides that to know about what is happening about your government, the social media is the best of all the places.

I begin to wonder what Egbara means by “…other camps are keeping their tongues in check…” when even the appointees of the Government are clamouring and murmuring on a daily basis. The growing discontent have witnessed an appointee lampooning the Governor on what he described as appointment of every Tom, Dick and Harry. How about Agba Jalingo’s article about known cultists in the Ayade’s Government. He cited many examples. That was keeping the tongue in check I will say or tongue checking. I will rather say the opposite that Egbara is not keeping his tongue in check. I recalled him describing himself as Orubebe sometimes ago, we all know the public display of shame by Godswill Orubebe, his model. His antics and public rant and outburst on several national televisions was seen the world over. It is not surprising therefore that Egbara Emmanuel is following in the footstep of his master cum mentor.

Talking about unpreparedness, Egbara has forgotten so soon how Sen. Ben Ayade was impost unprepared on us Cross Riverian and that unpreparedness has played out that even the Governor presents unprepared proposals, projects and policy statements. If Egbara is seeking appointment or planning to vie for any position in the forthcoming LG election and he feels discrediting a hard earned reputation of another will give him that, then he is incompetent, unqualified, unprepared and a dreamer. Or even if he feels that doing a yeoman’s job for the Governor where and when none exist will sky rock his potentials as an activist, then he is permanent dementia and I pray for speedy recovery.

Talk of having no moral plank, who is a moral person here? Morphy complaint about sinking our state funds in a venture such as Miss Tourism which did not affect the common man on the street. The import of beauty queens with our state funds. The Monorail that no one has said anything about it since it’s commissioning, the unattended refuse heaps in Calabar, the incessant and senseless killings across the LGAs in the name of cultism, communal clashes and their lots. The criticism the Governor describes it as the tonic that gives him the drive. And I begin to wonder how Ray Ugba is actually hiding when he is vocal and open to the point of granting audience to a national television and even inviting the Governor or his aides to television debate on the policy thrust of Governor Ayade’s administration.

Just like Peter in the Bible who lacked what to say during Jesus’ transfiguration. Egbara Emmanuel suffered the same fate and hence committed the fallacy of attacking the man. And very unfortunate too, he ventured into an area he can’t prove or present facts. Hotel Business apart from oil companies and the business of politics is very lucrative no wonder why the Governor himself is into it. It is common knowledge that he has a hotel in Asaba and others in some states. Moreover, many persons in Government boost of a hotel or two. For Egbara then, they are human traffickers or running brothels. Hmmm, typical case of idol of the cave.

“The unfortunate X- appointee has been challenged by the governor of Cross River State, Ayade to tell the world his contributions to the state as a special adviser to the state Government”. Haba! When, Where and how? The last time I checked, Ayade only advised his aides to ignore and not respond to Chief Ray Ugba. The reason is very simple. This is because it will open more cans of worm. If not, why did they boycott the live TV forum in AIT?

To describe Ray Ugba as being known for his kangaroo character and keep shying away from doing the needful is abysmal. Egbara has not basis and no reference point to authentic this claims. But should I be tempted to say, if what we have been hearing and reading in the social media is anything to go by on the land grabbing antics of the Governor as I was shown a signpost from some communities in Obudu warning trespassers to stay clear of their land and the case of a cooperative society in Odukpani opposite the Power Plant that have been told that their land is to be taken by Government for banana cultivation, the laying off of staff of CUDA without due entitlement and the scrapping off of CUDA though welcoming as they were rendered redundant. This is a clear case of kangaroo character.

“Two years into Ayade’s led government, Ayade has fulfilled his campaign rostrums”. It’s indeed laughable to hear and read this from a Cross Riverian. I have tried to come to term with this statement amidst the over 35 MOUs so far signed by the Governor and I am so left in awe about the said campaign rostrum. If I may ask, was there even a campaign rostrum or promise?  Egbara is rather making the Governor more unpopular by generating falsehood. When we hear or read about sycophancy and boot licking, I can only conclude that this is a typical example.

“For Morphy, governance means politics, little wonder he has placed politics above governance”. I don’t know where Egbara conceive of his ideas and articulations? In all honesty, separating politics from governance is like saying man can live without air to breath. I beckon on Egbara to make good use of the Dictionary the next time he sees one.

The statement below is a statement of hope. It is not uncommon for any government to give hope to her citizenry except that this administration is rather inflicting pains rather than giving hope. “It is important that all of the afflictions his Camp bequeathed on the body polity of Cross River State will painstakingly be addressed by Ayade in fullness of time, recession or no recession”.
I bet you that Egbara knows little or nothing about the policy thrust of this administration. He is not even feeling the realities that stare us in the face on the high rate of taxation, intimidation and sundry challenges. My best guess is that Egbara is benefiting little tokens from an uncle or relative or so.

“But if Morphy and his camp are dreaming of coming to power in 2019, they are very free…” I must commend Egbara however for the PR he has done Ray Ugba by making very popular in Cross River and the country at large as this rejoinder has further strength the reason for Ray Ugba’s decision to dump an administration that was at war with itself and for creating the awareness to vote this administration out.  It is on the strength of this that I make bold to say that has publicly announced to the world that Ray Ugba is a better candidate to run the affairs of this state should he decide to contest. I pray and hope he does so.

Daniel Agbor
Ray Ugbak Morphy 449828534681105932

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