Rebranding of Cross River State and Matters Arising

On my way to Calabar from a business trip at Uyo while with a friend and one of Cross River State finest Media CEO when I heard about a mail sent to him about a new brand consultant appointed by the Cross River State Government.

I was taken aback by the thought of a brand consultant been appointed at this time for the state considering pressing challenges in other areas of the state that need urgent actions which has not been taken.I wondered about the necessity of a brand consultant.

That thought did not settle when I heard yet another shocking news that the logo of Cross River State will be changed from what it used to be to another and I asked for an image which was shown to me.

I saw a white bull in an aggresive stance within a white circle dotted with eighteen stars of red and all on a red background.I blew off and I was like...not again!

I begged this friend not to make this new logo public as I would vigorously appeal against it and have the Governor change his mind cos I knew it will be a disaster but coincidentally that very day this picture was already leaked on the internet.

My major fear was unleashed as the new logo was spited by 99.99999999 percent of all those I saw make a commentary of it. The main and simple purpose of branding is to create a representative picture/nature of a thing, substance or composition.Rebranding is usually pursued to improve upon a brand.

Therefore a rebrand is expected to be better than an old brand.With the failure of this rebrand it is enough to terminate the appointment of the so called brand consultant cos as a professional he should be ingenuis enough to do something better by marrying the past and the future and also advice appropriately.

No true leader will make progress without building upon the past and setting better and bigger achieveable and timely agenda for the future.

This logo is a no no!I prayed  and spoke against the making public of this piece and I expressed shock the first time I heard about it...

As a believer in God, i believe in the physical and metaphysical.I believe there's not just a physical gang up against this government but a spiritual one too.I just wonder what evil magic is holding sway against our Governor...That evil is putting our state in autoreverse....

This is not the man I spoke with before and shortly after the election...God save our Governor and state...cos the way we are going a government that came on board with so much goodwill can not have her light extinguished.

Something needs to be done soon and quickly! How can one consciously build backlash and kill goodwill against his own government, one week one negativity....I am sad and almost frustrated....

I am holding on cos of the hope I once saw as true, I am holding on cos I know one's determination and zeal can be negatively redirected and can also be corrected for the good of all.We need to get down and do the basics!!

The idea therefore of changing our logo to this new one should be reversed and if need be a 3 dimensional upgrade of the current logo can be made as it is more all encompassing. Our blue sky, our nation and state's flag, our hospitality and place in the nation etc.

I will forever mean well for our Governor, state, nation and this passion shall beyond words be expressed to ensure that the light of his goodwill be made brighter and in action to ensure his ledership succeeds....

Prince Michael Nku Abuo,JP

Director General,Cross River State Political Network,CRISPON
Politics 8727215706110193804

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