Seven Ways To Keep Your Vagina Vibrant

The vagina, just like other body organs , can atrophy when it’ s not being taken care of, or put to proper use for that matter .

In order to make your vagina feel and behave young , here are the seven simple steps to take :

• Stay sexually active : Just as is the case with any body part , the vagina is a “ use or lose it” organ. According to an expert in female sexual health and vaginal rejuvenation , Dr . Karen Boyle , as a woman ages , she begins to lose fat in the vagina areas , such that the vagina can start to sag . What to do ? Stay sexually active . You need to get stimulation and increased blood flow to that area , otherwise , the tissue and muscle can change , Boyle says . Blood flow through sex and orgasm will help in keeping it lubricated. Plus , if you are not worried about pregnancy , your partner ’ s semen may have an anti - aging effect because of the hormones , fatty acids , and anti -inflammatory compounds that semen contains .

• Switch sex positions by mounting your man : Sex experts say that when you are always the one under during sex , the way your man pounds at your vagina can cause stretching , because he will the one to control the pace and the intensity of the thrusting, which means he may accidentally push past what’ s physically comfortable for you . By contrast, when you ’ re on top , you ’ re in control —and “ it’ s much easier to contract those muscles when you ’ re on top , ” says Boyle .

• Use mild cleansers : Scrubbing the living daylights out of your labia is not only unnecessary , but harsh soaps can leave you dry and irritated down there. The labial tissue is so sensitive, such that a gentle cleansing is all that you need to keep fresh any time.

• Maintain healthy weight : If you are the type that gains and loses weight carelessly , it can make your vulva to flop. According to Boyle , if your weight fluctuates wildly , it may lead to more stretching . And if you ’ re super skinny as an ageing woman, your private parts can start to look as gaunt as your face, researchers warn .

• Exercise your Kegels muscles : When you exercise the Kegels muscles , it gives you a tighter vagina and , ultimately , better sex . How to do Kegels exercise ? Cosmetic gynaecologist , Dr . Marco Pelosi , says , contract your pelvic floor muscle like someone trying to withhold pee , do it for five seconds, relax, and repeat 100 times , three times a day . You can also make Kegels fun by squeezing a few reps in during sex . You can imagine pinching your partner ’ s penis with those muscles, which helps you target the right spot (and gives your guy an extra , pleasurable sensation ).

• Ditch your office chair : For a little extra workout for your vaginal muscles, that is —trade your desk chair for a Swiss ball for 15 minutes a day . This forces the muscles of your pelvic floor to contract , without doing a single squeeze , says Pelosi . “ It feels like nothing is happening , but it’ s a very efficient way to keep the pelvic floor toned , ” he says .

• Long bike rides are not exactly for you : Except you are training for a triathlon, you may not engage in long bike rides . This is because the constant friction of crotch - to - seat contact can pull and stretch your labia , especially if you have naturally pronounced outer lips , says cosmetic surgeon , Dr . Christine Hamori.

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