NULGE celebrates Ayade for payment of salaries to workers

The National Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE) has commended Governor Ben Ayade of Cross River State for payment of salaries to local government workers in the state. 

NULGE National President, Mr Ibrahim kheel who spoke to the News Agency of Nigeria  (NAN) in Abuja on Monday, said while states like Bayelsa where owing Local Government  workers about 10-16 months salaries in the state, with kogi owing 15months and Delta 8-14months respectively, Cross River has remained steadfast in its payment of Local Government workers.

Mr Ibrahim went on to enumerate other states owing salaries as follows : Kaduna 12 months, Oyo 3-11 months, Edo 10 months, Abia 5-9 months, kwara 2-9 months, Benue 9 months and Nasarrawa 7 months.

According to him, other states owing Local Government staff are: Ondo and Ekiti states 6 months each, Zamfara not implementing minimum wage, Adamawa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom Ebony, Plateau owing 4 months each, Taraba and FCT Abuja 3 montus each while Osun has been paying half salaries for 24 months.

The union noted that Ekiti has refused to remit union dues for the past 9 months and Ogun has not also remitted it's deduction for 7 months.  

The NULGE President further disclosed that only 700 workers were owed between 1-3 months in Cross River State and that this had to do with technical hitches during staff verification exercise.

"It is based on the above I want to say that Governor Ben Ayade's government is actually working compared to the aforementioned 23 states. Cross River State is the state with the least owed local government employees."

"Out of thousands of local government employees, only about 700 are owed between 1-3 months salaries. Please I think Ayade deserves a hand clap," Mr Ibrahim concluded.
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  1. Well, well, it is good for the State. I am a strong believer in solving our problems ourselves. President Ibrahim is right in his assertion but in mathematics, if you are asked to give an answer to a simple question like (2*2) which, is 4 and you write -4, you will be mark wrong by your teacher and he is write. Let the Government pay the 700 staff and that will be an excellent grade. This is what I pray for and I pray it should be to balance the system. My earnest prayer is for the workers to go back to the dialogue table and discuss the imbroglio away and move the State forward. The crisis in the State now is indeed shameful.



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