Re-Who Said Goddy Jedy-Agba Is The Best Option.

I am happy reading from you, Mr Jonah Offre, Coordinator of "The Democrats" as you call and brand your group.

I personally do not know you and your Democrats Group. But the last time I read from you was late February, 2017. Where you and the Democrats through came on with the idea that governorship for 2019 must not be given to the northern senatorial district. According to you and your group of Democrats, "Governor Ben Ayade of Northern Cross River State has failed woefully, and has taken the State 12 years behind time. And therefore, as a northerner, he has failed the north and therefore the north must not be given another chance."

You went further to conclude that "Ayade failed because his brothers refused to rally around him. And that the northern senatorial district if given a chance to produce the next governor to replace Ayade, other northern brothers of the new governor will not rally round the new governor."

Well, I am happy because it seems like the Democrats are beginning to see the political tsunami about to take place in Cross River State. For once, the Democrats has been subdued from their strong stance of "governor must come from the southern Cross River State to a more subtle stand of the north mist be given the chance."

In fact, I am elated that you and your Democrats are beginning to zero in on a candidate whose ambition you don't like, even though he has not presented himself for the office of the governor. You and your Democrats are once again caught dancing even before the arrival of the drums.

However, it is important to remind the democrats that INEC has not lifted the ban on campaign yet. Prince Jedy has not yet indicated his interest to contest the elections. Party primaries are get to be conducted. And yet, the Democrats are caught casting aspersion on a candidate? Wow!!! What a brainless set of Democrats.

Thank God the Democrats believed that in "2014 Prince Goddy Jedy-Agba support base was sweeping across the state even though few heard directly from him." For a fact, when you have a die hard support base, when your deeds speaks for you, and when your intentions are good, people will not care to hear from you to believe you. That's a fact the Democrats do not know. Like in 2014, the Jedy fever is rising. The temperature is high. The support will be stronger than in 2014.

What is the problem if Prince Jedy so decided to   speak for only five minutes at the Holy Child Secondary School? Is that in itself a taboo? I heard that Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra State who is one of the most performing governors now was never a talkative. Governor Engr David Umahi is also one person who never liked talking. But now, their actions are doing the talking. The talking parrot Ben Ayade has so performed abysmally because he talked more than he can perform. Is it a talkative that the Democrats want to foist on Cross Riverians or a performer? Those who know Prince Jedy-Agba know him as a performer not a talkative.

It is very easy to see politicians to pay evil for evil. In 2014, Liyel Imoke robbed Cross Riverians of a man with a good heart. Even with all that has transpired between Imoke and Prince Jedy, Jedy still found it easier to forgive him. Accepting a responsibility to serve as the head of finance committee of Ben Ayade was actually what changed the game. Remember that Jedy forgave Liyel and also worked for the emergence of Ben Ayade. For me, this is humility and the desire to unite around his brother for the interest of the north.

Having accepted that Prince Jedy-Agba worked for Ayade goes on to disprove your earlier article were you held that it was Jedy and his brothers(Venatius Ikem, Paul Adah, etc) who refused to support Ayade to succeed. It goes on to prove this writer right that you do not know what you are talking.....and that you're nothing but a nut-skull.

I will agree with you totally that "the bottom line as concerns Jedy Agba's suitability for the exalted office of the governor of cross River State is that he must personally convince Cross-Riverians that he is desirous, ready, willing and able to govern the state."

Prince Goddy Jedy-Agba is a phenomenon beyond social media. He is a time tested leader. A bureaucrat of the highest standard. And a technocrat, through which the foundation for the evolution of Cross River State can be steadied.

It is wrong to allocate so much power to yourself even as you exist in a group. It is quite undemocratic (authoritarian) to want to stand as the only one with a say. You are indeed a a god of sort.

Like I have said earlier, I am happy you have turned a new leave by accepting the northern governor thing even though you have other options.

But my question is: if Prince Goddy Jedy-Agba isn't suitable then who is and why?

Thank you as I wait patiently to read from you again.

My name is Ifere Paul.
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  1. Paul, a great and phenomenal question is what you have asked and I will love to read the reply to it as well.
    However, when a young man dances well at the playground, the audience will ask whose son is he? By Mr Ofre's assertion, Prince Goddy Jedy-Agba danced well in 2014 even though he hails from North Cross River State. I think the "Democrats" are merely desiring to know whose son he is. I tweeted earlier in the evening about the clamour for restructuring of Nigeria that is the order of the day in East Nigeria. I tend to ask, how about the scandal by the leadership to consciously kill and bury devolution of power which, was ab initio paramount in the manifesto? Until the leadership decide to listen and learn that a mother does not necessarily have to wait to hear the baby cry before she puts breast milk in its mouth, we are facing a shameful scandal. Former Governor Imoke consciously devalued the entity called Cross River State when in government and orchestrated an administration that has the propensity to suffer priapism like a sickle-cell patient. Today, most Cross Riverians look for who to blame for what we collectively ignored. Where were these "democrats" when Cross River State was advertised for sale by Governor Liyel Imoke? What has been their contributions towards revamping the State from total collapse? Was it Barrister Vena Ikem, Rt Hon Paul Adah, Prince Goddy Jedy-Agba and others (not in government) who advised Governor Imoke to sell the State? Is it a misnomer that these men come from the same Local Government Area with the incumbent Governor? Do they think that Obudu is associated with failure all the time? Natives of the North Senatorial District, Obudu inclusive have track records to reckon with. Both at home and abroad, sons and daughters from this part of the State have created indelible impressions in their chosen career and so, one failure is not an abysmal failure and collapse. There is hope even in failure and "there is God."
    For those agitating that the governorship position returns to South or Central Senatorial Districts, I dare to ask, on what premise do they base their arguments? Has the North Senatorial District been fairly treated already? How long have we been downtrodden by the other Senatorial Districts in terms of ruler-ship? Why is the candidature of Prince Goddy Jedy-Agba for governorship a taboo? Who is afraid and who is hiring the trumpeters of hate with a contemptuous campaign of calumny?
    Suffice it to say, that the fear in the air is likened to that of a lonely and fearful person in a cemetery who does not want to shout. The Prince has not spoken and yet the tremor of his bold step resonates. When he decides to move, the vibration will antagonise the opponent near death and I think the "Liver" will shake.
    2019 is still some "Yards" ahead, the drum sticks have just been cut, the drummer like "Akin" is not blind but the "Dancer" has his ears to the ground. At the sound of the drum, the dancer knows what step to take. If I should ask, do we really need to worry for now who qualifies to dance? The experience in the State is the cry of a woman in labour, when there is a safe delivery of a new born, the pains will turn to a smile. Patience is the watch word and so, we must remain resilient and resolute.



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