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I have gotten countless invitations to speak in several events this year. I couldn't honor many due to my tight schedule. Speaking is my first love, even before law, but since I started active legal practice the invitations I accept to speak reduced drastically.

Now, courts are on vacation and my appearances in court will reduce. I want to use this period to honour as many speaking engagements as possible. If you have invited me to speak before and I couldn't make it or if you have been thinking of inviting me to speak in an event... This is our chance.

Go though my speaker sheet 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼and book me directly.

Firsts Baba Isa
Speaker| Author| Consultant |Mentor

For over 10 years FBI has been helping individuals and organizations across the country and in 5 other countries achieve cutting edge excellence in purpose discovery and delivery, business, relationship, overcoming adversity, corporate and secular politics and governance through his presentations and coaching on innovative leadership and persistence.

FBI sparks immediate action. In his entertaining, high energy style, he packs his presentations with how-to’s, humour, and inspiration—leaving people feeling “on fire” about changing their lives.

People walk out of his sessions feeling they have more focus, more confidence, more balance, and more time. He leaves his audiences thinking about their companies, customers, markets, employees and lives differently. And they leave with concrete actions, ideas, tools, and techniques they can use to become better, faster, and stronger. Before long, they’re reporting a dramatic increase in productivity and well-being, happy to be performing at their best.

HERE IS A SAMPLING OF HIS most requested SPEAKING, keynote, break-out session, TRAINING AND COACHING TOPICS:

1. “Break New Grounds Or Be Buried In The Old!”

This presentation explores areas in which we need to break new grounds because the old ground is crumbling where we stand. These areas range from education to culture to thoughts. Profound insights for individual and corporate excellence are captured poignantly in a power-packed, entertaining, iconoclastic and challenging presentation.

2. “We Are Groundbreakers; Join Us!”

This presentation chronicles the lives of individuals and corporate bodies who recorded ground breaking achievements in various areas and sectors. It is done in a very entertaining and inspiring story telling format. It is empirically proven that nothing inspires people like hearing the stories of what others have done. Laced with rich audio visual aid this presentation wows the audience and challenge them to reach out for the very best by applying the principles these winners applied.


People get stuck in old ways because they get familiar and accustomed to such ways. This stick-tivity-ness to old grounds is fueled by values that have been developed and promoted over time. You can’t get them to break new grounds until you can offer them new values, period! This is what this presentation will do: it will offer 10 tested and proven values that cause people everywhere to break new grounds and achieve excellence. Any person, corporate establishment or society who lives and practice these values will break new grounds in all spheres.

4. “Take Charge Of Culture.”

Personal or corporate excellence is a direct output of a prevailing culture. When you don’t like the results you see, it’s time to take charge of the culture… for the culture might just have taken charge of you. This presentation is designed to increase productivity, effectiveness, sales, profit and results through showing you ways you can take charge of the culture and stir you and your organization towards achieving results.

5. “Dance In The Rain.”

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” This encapsulates the life of First Baba Isa graphically. He was born with advanced myopia. In 1999, an ophthalmologist decreed that he will go blind in 2001. In preparation for this blindness he was taken to a school for the blind to learn Braille. He rounded up the 2 years program in less than one year but ‘refused’ to get blind. Coupled with ambly-myopia, he was raised with other siblings in abject penury by his widowed mum. FBI didn’t wait for the storm to pass, he learnt to dance in the rain… and these are the principles he is sharing with corporate executives and audiences around the world today… he will show you how he dances in the rain to get a law degree, runs an NGO and two companies… and how you can apply these principles in overcoming individual and organizational adversity.

6. “Strategies For Youth Participation In Politics And Inclusion In Governance.”

This topic is designed and presented in a fever-packed, inspirational and motivational mode; this is deliberate because politics seems to be a mundane and boring topic among young people. But after over a decade of democratic governance in Nigeria and the dynamic implication of this to our country and young people, we can no longer pretend politics doesn’t matter. We need to inspire, motivate and challenge young people to participate profitably in the political ecosystem.


This presentation keeps the audience at the edge of their seats and leave them living life with a fresh burst of inspiration, energy and enthusiasm to master risk and achieve results.


Arguably this is FBI’s most inspiring presentation. He sets his audience on fire as he elucidates and expatiate on his quotes bothering on leadership, business, relationship, excellence, personal development, spirituality, money-making, nation-building, feminism, politics, etc.


FBI challenges lawyers and law students in an inspiringly graphic way to stop putting old wine in new wine skin and vice versa. It is an inspiring presentation of how to succeed in the old profession within the context of new realities.


FBI always brings down the roof with the masterful manner he delivers deep relationship insights laced with humour when handling this topic. You will not want him to stop.

You can book FBI to speak on any of the above topics or any other topic of your choice within his area of expertise and interest.



Certificate – Competition Law and Market Economy Growth – Seoul, South Korea - 2016

Barrister At Law (BL) – Nigerian Law School

New York Forum Africa – Libreville, Gabon – 2015

Diploma in Leadership and Entrepreneurship – The Global Entrepreneur Institute, USA – 2015 (Online)

Senior DESPLAY Fellow – Democracy Series for Participatory Learning and Youth Action, funded by NED USA – 2014

Democracy Learning Visit – Accra, Ghana – 2014

LLB – University of Jos – 2013

Certificate – Thinking School Africa, Dubai, United Arab Emirate – 2013

Certificate in Ministry – Agape International School of Ministry, Jos – 2007

Certificate in Special Education – St Joseph’s Centre for the Visually Handicapped, Obudu – 2000

He has also taken courses in many fields, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Performance Improvement, Human Behavioural Psychology, Communication Skills, Leadership and Governance, Organizational Design, Business Transformations, Science of Money-making, Time Management, and Mind Dynamics.

His singular passion is to assist individuals, organizations and nations achieve excellence.


“FBI, I was revved up listening to you deploy these strategies for getting more young people involved in the political space… Immediately you began with the psychological strategies I realized we were in for a roller coaster of a presentation... I found a few seconds to look around and saw everyone on the edge of their seats…. You got I and my team to believe more in this country… you challenged us to do more...”
- Zainab Haruna, Team Leader, Decipher Solutions, Abuja.

“…FBI you are one of the most inspiring speakers I have ever listened to…”
- Caroline Watson, India

“…what did you tell my employees? Motivation is high, sales have gone up 25% in 60 days… what did you tell them? How did you do it?”
- Emeka Uche, Lorita Hotels, Abuja

“…you are good… you are born to do this!”
- Chioma Chukwuneta, Chief Accountant, Gracepoint hotels, Abuja

“FBI… You are an ambassador to be proud of. Be great… You have the capacity man!” – Kingsley Bangwell, Ashoka Fellow, YGL of The World Economic Forum, Team Leader, Youngstars Foundation


Bypass protocols(for this period), chat him up immediately via WhatsApp/call:

Opinion 7349345141062816576

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