Imoke Blasts Ayade Over Poor Performance, Says a 'Sleeping Governor' Is Better Than Him

The immediate past Governor of Cross River State, Senator Liyel Imoke has expressed disappointment over the 'poor ' performance of his successor,  Senator Ben Ayade in his first two years in office.

The former Governor who blasted Ayade during the seventh edition of ‘The Bridge Leadership Foundation’ public lecture held at the International Conference Center in Calabar said that even as a 'sleeping Governor ' as he was fondly called by his critics, he performed way above the current Governor.

Imoke said that "When I was governor you people said I was a sleeping governor, but I think you would appreciate a sleeping governor who constructed rural roads across the 18 LGAs than what you have now,” Imoke said in apparent reference to Ayade’s poor performances.

Rumour mills have it that Imoke has expressed deep regret for supporting Ayade to succeed.

According to different sources, the former Governor has been particularly concerned about the way Ayade is running the state and has in made several efforts to draw the attention of the Governor to the issue but his advise have always met deaf ears.

A PDP leader in the state who spoke in confidence said that "All of us that worked with the former Governor to bring Ayade on board are today ashamed of ourselves because it's very obvious that he was a wrong choice. We owe Cross Riverians apology and I tell you, at the right time we will tender our unreserved apology for bringing a man who know nothing about how government functions.

"The statement of the former Governor has further confirmed what we all know. Imoke worst decisions and times cannot even be Ayade's best. Imoke administrative mistakes are still better than what Ayade considers his best policies. The man has turned governance to a huge joke and a family thing. His brother is more powerful than the deputy Governor.

So, for us even in the PDP, we're waiting patiently for the opportunity to correct the mistake. Thank God the revolution has started with the very man that brought him".

The Governor and his predecessor have allegedly been at dagger drawn since he assumed office.

An aide of the Governor who said he's familar with the allegedly soured relationship between the two former allies said in confidence that "His Excellency, Senator Imoke is not a man that talks anyhow. Before he will come out to make such statements, he may have tried his best to call the Governor to order.

"I think their relationship has been at a crossroad for some time now. I can't remember when last Imoke attended a state function. Even the Cross River 50th anniversary, if my memory is right, Imoke didn't attend. The Governor too has not attended Imoke's functions. You know he (Imoke) owns the Leadership Foundation but this is the second time they are having public lecture but the Governor has not attended but he attends APC leaders functions"

He continued that "The statement credited to Imoke is the obvious truth. People said he was a sleeping governor but he constructed the highest number of roads across the state. Ayade still has time to match him though but so far,  even as his appointee, he has been a disaster and complete disappointment".

However, Ayade Senior Special Assistant on media who also held the same position under Imoke,  Christian Ita, had in April last year denied any rift between the Governor and his predecessor.
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  1. What kind of disappointment is the former Governor talking about? That he robbed citizens of Cross River State by selling the State for a plate of pottage? If Governor Imoke regrets today, he has just begun. He loved money more than the people he ruled over. He knew the truth about what the State will become under Senator Ayade but he did not care. He hated Goddy Jedy-Agba and shamelessly robbed Cross River of the right to live. My heart bleeds when I read articles like this one because it puts me through to remember the write-up of the Late Sage - Dele Giwa, who wrote, "Any evil done by man to man shall certainly be redressed. If not now, then later. If not by man, then by God. For the victory of evil over good is only temporary." I am in a way happy that Governor Imoke has stepped on the faeces he defecated while in the Government House just some 2 years ago. How I wish their relationships actually has turn soured. Posterity will not allow both of them as well as their cohorts to go Scot free.The blood of Cross Riverians who die in their number cries before The Lord and they will know no peace.

    1. When u serve a people and can't install a predecessor how would u feel? Imoke is responsible for handing over power to Ayade but is not responsible for Ayades nonchalance towards good political advise. If Imoke was to sell Cross River state, Jeddy had more monies to buy. So stop saying he sold the state. He only maintained his strong hold in the state and kept his respect as the governor with clear political knowledge. Don't forget Imoke is one of the most successful politicians in the worlds history.



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