IGBO resident in Cross River at the weekend took stock of the losses they have suffered in the past few years following attacks  on them during communal conflicts by feuding communities in the state and appealed for help.

The  appeal was made  when Igbo  in Cross River  paid a sympathy visit on their brethren resident in  Uyanga and Ojor communities in Akamkpa local Government Area who lost lives and  property when they were attacked  during  a recent communal conflict in the area

The President  of Igbo Community in the state, Dr Lawrence Chkuwemeka while speaking at the Palace of the Clan Head of Uyanga, Ophot Felix Akposi  expressed displeasure that  the Igbo in the state are  always the target of attack during communal conflicts by  feuding communities in the state even when such conflicts have no relationship with them.

“The Igbo  are usually made the scapegoats  when communities in the state are involved in any misunderstanding even when such conflict is not related to us.

Recently we read in the papers that two communities in Akamkpa,. Uyanga and Ojor were  involved in communal conflict and when hostilities ended we began to hear stories that Igbo were the ones attacked  and  over thirty shops were  destroyed while some of them lost their lives and  others had all they have worked for in their lives destroyed”

Dr Chukwuemeka stated that similar attacks  have happened during the conflict between the people of Apiapum and Ovonum, also Igbos were attacked  in Yala Local Government Area during similar incident also in Ugep  Local Government Area where  businesses owned by Igbos were attacked and destroyed even when they had nothing to do with such conflict.

 “We are seeking for our daily bread  in places we sojourn and not  war mongers  so why should we be the subject of attack in conflicts we know nothing about?. Our businesses are always  looted and set ablaze to cover  up the stealing of our goods, please, let this stop.

“In the North we have been given a quit notice, in Yoruba we are hated and still here  our brothers in the south south with whom we share  common custom and tradition  also hate us, what have the Igbos  done to deserve this treatment?” he queried.

Dr Chukwuemeka  appealed to Ophot Akposi to take  the case of those whose businesses  and homes were destroyed  to the Federal and State Governments to offer them assistance by  rehabilitating   because many of them have become destitute,  without any source of livelihood after their shops were set on fire.

He said many of those affected  have become  beggars by begging what they eat and have worn  the same  dress for the past one month and sleep outside since their homes were also set on fire.

Ophot Akposi  who said the destruction was not done by his people promised to make a case with the Cross River State Emergency Management Agency, SEMA, and the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA to extend some assistance  to those whose businesses and homes were  razed down

Culled from Emmanuel Unah's Facebook wall
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