Imagine a Biase... By Philip Obin, Biase APC Chairmanship Candidate

Mr. Phillip Obin,  CEO of Potech Nigeria and Biase APC Chairmanship Candidate 
If we get the right people (Chairmen & Councilors) to fill in the 774 local govt areas across Nigeria, we would reduce some pressure from the Governors & President, bring true governance closest to the grassroots; and fast-track sustainable development.

*Imagine a Biase* where we can generate revenue internally dredging sands from Ikot-Okpora river & heap along the highway in Orira throughout the dry season, replicate same between Okurike and Akpet, Agwagune and Adim/Abanwan.

There are other natural resources Biase is endowed with, as God doesn't put a people in a place without first making provision for their survival. These we shall explore, instead of relying on monthly allocations.

*Imagine a Biase* where we can create & widely promote (through the internet & offline) a standard commercial park/market along the Ikom - Calabar highway, within Biase, for trailers/trucks, other commercial and private vehicles to stop over and rest/eat true Biase food, refuel, service their vehicles, buy our (mostly organic) farm produce, etc!

*Imagine a Biase* with bank or financial services centers in each ward, as no people can develop economically without a saving culture and banking facilities. As at today, there's no single bank in the whole of Biase LGA, leaving the people unbanked or underbanked

*Imagine a Biase* where the youth are not left behind after helping to win elections, but trained in ICT, offered scholarships, sponsored through business schools, and access to funds to start up businesses + mentored to succeed!

*Imagine a Biase* with a "Biase Job Centre" (BJC), saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that every employable Biasean is captured into a computer database, while the government employs those it can, and help others lobby for jobs - locally, nationally and internationally - through the internet and physically!

*Imagine a Biase* where the girl child and woman are given special attention in education and leadership, owing to their vulnerable nature...

*Imagine a Biase* where student bursaries are paid accordingly, student competitions organized to encourage hard work and academic excellence at all levels.

*Imagine a Biase* where received allocations are made public through social media, other means, for all to see; and used meaningfully, instead of sharing them with 'godfathers' and leaving the people to suffer in penury!

*Imagine a Biase* where every indigene has a right and access to the council headquarters...

*Imagine a Biase* with direct connection to Abuja and the NDDC for additional support, especially on infrastructural projects and job placements!

*Imagine a Biase* where the primary job of government will truly be to provide security for lives and property of the people.

*Imagine a Biase* where the welfare of workers and pensioners, free or affordable healthcare and education for all, unity and peace across the LGA is guaranteed!

*Imagine a Biase* where formers who consist the majority of our population are exposed to state, federal govt, and international grants, material support such as fertilizers, seedlings, tools, and machinery, without being exploited!

*Imagine a Biase* with liaison offices in each of ward the 11 wards where very basic services such as issuance of certificate of origin, processing of online education and job applications, such as WAEC, NECO, JAMB, NPower, etc, at little or no cost!

*Imagine a Biase* where Councilors no longer finish serving their tenures and return home same way or even worst (economically), as I plan to ensure my councilors are enrolled into computer and business schools, mentored and supported to fulfill their dreams!

This year... in this election... it should not about PDP or APC. It should be about capacity to conceive innovative ideas, develop them, plan and implement, while carrying everyone else along, irrespective of their political and religious affiliations.

On this note, I invite you, especially the youth, to kindly support me, as I make myself available to serve the deserving and good people of Biase because *a new BIASE is POSSIBLE!*

Get involved today. Visit www.PhilipObin.com or call/text 08027196002 let's work together
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