Ugep-Nko axis of Ikom-Calabar highway: A gully of deep potholes

By Eba Alobo Ishmael

While Cross Riverians wait patiently for the actualization of the over-hyped signature project "Super Highway" of the present administration which on the media spectrum has been completed yet in reality no mapping nor equipment has been deployed to site for a formal commencement of the self-acclaimed digital project, will the government at all levels which has the mandate to maintain and rehabilitate roads thereby making it conducive for movement of goods, services and people then neglect this essential duty?

The importance of the Ikom-Calabar highway cannot be overemphasized as every Cross Riverian knows the value of that road. Though the NDDC and other Federal government agencies that so far has undergone some rehabilitations in selected sections of the road should be commended, it is however pertinent to draw their attention to the haphazard jobs done by SEMATEC construction firms. Most of the areas especially the Obubra axis which were recently rehabilitated has started developing minor potholes again which can translate to deeper ones in the years ahead.

Of utmost concern however is the deplorable state of the road in the Nko to Ugep axis of the state. Anyone who has plied the road recently can attest to the fact that a journey from Ugep to Nko which ordinarily ought to take less than an hour now gulp over an hour due to the deplorable condition of that axis of the highway.

One of the gully at the rubber estate in Nko can be best likened to a 'minor grave' which is deep enough to consume a human being. Virtually all sections of the road within the Yakurr axis is deplorable, bad and begging for rehabilitation.

Coincidentally Nko happens to be the country home of our esteemed Honourable Minister of the Niger Delta, Pastor. Usani Usani It is therefore worrisome that our Minister will remain unperturbed when his own country home is in dire need of motorable roads to ease the movement of goods and services.

Also, close to the Council headquarters in Ugep, one of the deep potholes there can consume any little car that has no stamina to withstand the pressure which that section of the road exerts on moving vehicles. Coincidentally too, Ugep happen to be the country home of our illustrious Chief Okoi Obono-Obla, the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Prosecution.

The Chief I know is a man who has the concern of his people at heart, therefore his attention should be drawn to the state of the road in his home town.

Due to the significance of this major road which connects all parts of our dear state, the attention of the authorities is therefore drawn to certain axis that require urgent attention. Also the NDDC should pay more attention to contractors that have been awarded the contract of rehabilitating the road and ensure that a near perfect work is done rather than the haphazard works currently been witnessed in some sections of the road that has been awarded.

Cross River is our own and irrespective of our political divides, the development of key infrastructure ought not to be politicised as these key areas like Road Transport, Water Supply, Electricity, Health care delivery among others touches on the lives of our people directly. Let those in the corridor of power do the needful and ensure that utmost attention is given to the Ikom-Calabar highway.

Eba Alobo Ishmael
Public Affairs Commentator
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