Cross River And The Mirage Of 18 Specialist Hospitals By GenX Group

Its no longer news that Cross Riverians received the news of the government of the day establishing eighteen (18) specialist hospitals in the eighteen (18) LGA's of the state with mixed feelings. Some where ominous and some lugubrious.

One will wonder what the aim of having multiple specialists hospitals in the state was but all the same, some Cross Riverians were joyed that  they were going to be opportune to have first class health care @ their door steps. Little did they know that their thoughts was a mirage.

We in GenX wish to enquire about the state of the existing health facilities in the state especially the one in the city center (State capital). It is more than an apology the state of the General hospital Calabar. This we know should be the biggest health facility in Cross River State.

A close look at the Hospital will tell how best it can serve the yearning of citizens of the state in the area of health care. This ones pride of the state health service is now a shadow of itself. One will wonder why a health facility of this standard that generates revenue for government can't be put in order? It's interesting that there is no power supply in the hospital either because there is no fuel supply or breakdown of generating set, no water supply and even the pharmacy in the Hospital is worst than a small patent chemist.

This Hospital is the only major Hospital which an ordinary citizen who isn't buoyant enough to visit a private hospital will turn to for health care but it's in its must deplorable state at this time.

As a group, we advocate for good governance and this can be accessed when a common man on the street also has an opportunity to the provision of government.

If items like cotton wool can't be gotten in General Hospital Calabar for emergencies, then one wonders how the ultramodern specialists hospitals will work.

We are pleading that health is wealth and as a fundamental necessity of life, our government should please decease from media hype and settle down to give the people the fundamentals of life.

Let's get the already available health facilities working to service the people and forget about the mirage of eighteen (18) specialist hospital in all LGA's. A stitch in time serves nine.
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