Renewed Threats on Niger Delta: Ndoma-Egba Appeals NDA To Sheathe Swords

Sequel to the renewed threats of Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) to withdraw their ceasefire and renew hostilities in the Region, the Chairman of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), Senator Victor Ndoma-Egba SAN. has appealed to the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) to reconsider its threat for renewed hostilities and bombings of oil installations in the Region and tow the path towards a peaceful resolution of all contentious issues.

Ndoma-Egba while tasking them to sheathe their swords also advised that violence will lead nowhere. He stressed that the damage done will be felt by the Region that is already overstretched and earnestly needs rapid development.

In a release signed by his Special Assistant, Communications, Clara Braide, the NDDC Chairman said that the Commission is doing all it can to intervene towards finding a lasting solution and appealed that dialogue be maintained with the Federal Government toward a path of peace and sustainable development.

He said: “Our environment is already polluted and is in dire need of restoration, destroying oil pipelines and installations would further destroy our environment and expose our people to sickness and untold hardship.  It would worsen our already bad situation and expose innocent women, children and youths to grave danger.

"We appeal to NDA to still give the Government and Stakeholders more time. Resuming hostilities will be detrimental to all parties involved whether the NDA, the Region or the Government.

“At the end of the day it is the Region that will be badly damaged and set backwards. NDDC is not resting on its oars in our efforts to finding a peaceful and permanent resolution of issues of development as the Commission has strategic intervention plans that should transform the Region.  To achieve this however, peace is a must.

Ndoma-Egba further emphasized that President Buhari means well for the Niger Delta Region and has already demonstrated this in various ways  and would continue to address the issues.

“The Region is the Goose that lays the Golden Egg; it is our collective patrimony and should not be destroyed. We would be doing a great disservice to ourselves and our future generations if we continue to destroy our own God given heritage in order to prove points that are already proven”.

"I passionately appeal to the conscience of our people to give the Region a chance to heal. Give us a chance to rebuild and restore the glory of our Region", he said.
Sen Victor Ndoma-Egba 2745267107757222758

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