A Governor And His Budget By Ugonna Amechebe

Sen Ben Ayade, Cross River State Governor 
People have been tearing up Rochas, Aregbesola, and that boy in Kogi for too long while allowing another one who is worse than the first two, at least, to get under the radar.

A governor in the South-South; one of the worst governors, if not the worst ever, in Nigeria presents a record budget of #1.3 trillion for 2018 to his State House of Assembly.

His mates who are performing are presenting budgets of less than #200 billion but he who has turned misrule into an art form has the nerve to open his piehole and present a #1.3 trillion budget.

This is the sort of thing that makes some Aba people shout- “Chisooos!!!”

This is a man who destroyed the gains of his predecessors from 1999.

He has institutionalised misgovernance and cluelessness, brought back insecurity to what was once one of the most secure states, allowed the state of infrastructure in the state plunge to low ebbs, destroyed the tourism drive that was once considered inexorable, and used exorbitant taxation to scare off potential investors.

To crown it all he lives in a bubble where he believes he is the best thing to have happened to his state.

The newspapers say he showed up to present the budget and rather than giving a performance review of the 2017 budget and explaining what he did with it, breaking the present one into what is allocated to capital and recurrent expenditure, giving a breakdown of sectorial and sub-sectorial allocations, as well as defining the modalities of funding this chap told the legislators- “we are re-inventing budgeting…you must think deep because if I did not have the vision to think deep, we will still be dealing with issues of security, refuse, salaries and pensions…”
Chineke mee!!!

Excuse me? The very things that existed before his tenure, the very things this fellow destroyed; these are what he is claiming to have brought to his state?

A cerebrally vacant person asking others to think deep?

The only thing worse than a clueless person in leadership is a clueless and deluded person in leadership.

And his people are keeping quiet.
The budget he presented he called “Budget of Kinetic Crystallization”. I guess the budget also covers the weed he smokes and the medications he takes that make him see kinetic crystals.

When you remove the okazi leaves in Afang soup and replace them with Mazvingo weed the kinetic energy it will unleash has the tendency to make a person make a #1.3 trillion budget on an income that is less than #10 billion.

Nigerians are a rare breed but there are many other parts of the country, including my state Anambra, where we will not take this nonsense.

I almost do not know again if his people are Nigerians.

Maybe they joined Cameroun without my knowledge.
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