Ayade's Violent Prowl and the Victory of Truth and Justice

Gov Ben Ayade of Cross River State
I feel a strong sense of fulfillment that truth and justice are regaining prevalence over and against falsehood, and all circumstance of retrogression for which the Senator Ben Ayade's government truly represents and has been attempting an infusion into our very fabric as a party, the APC in Cross River State. The idea of brigandage against party members is just one way the Ayade's dynasty have been on the prowl.

Incidentally too, they operate within the 'confines' of our party, wearing the mantra or toga of change outwardly but have a bias in undemocratic and retrogressive tendencies. They have no respect for democratic norms and are often good at disregarding the dignity of the human person. I mean retrogression in every sense of the word.

My analysis of the violent attacks on our members last weekend in Obudu by brigands and thugs hired by the Ayades  for that purpose at the instance of Barr. Venatius Ikem's governorship declaration, leaves me constrained to verify the veracity  or authenticity of certain academic attainments and the mental and moral health of some persons and their progenitors especially those who pride as leaders of this century and generation.

It's unfortunate that in the 21st century, an ordinary declaration for a contest could attract such bestial regards against an unarmed set. Some people are still living in the past, anyway!

But a similar sore has just been 'treated'. Just as Barr. Vena Ikem applied the peaceful intervention approach to stop a reprisal or bloodletting, the APC at the National level has yet again stopped Ayade's prowling decimal on and against our objective as a progressive party fast on the heels of changing the sordid experience of backwardness the state is plunged.

It is violence physically and psychologically and nobody
has monopoly of violence! Of course, it follows too that though a king may build for himself a throne of bayonets but he certainly cannot sit on it!

This strong manifest presence of personal interest with flagrant lawlessness and abuses and which has refused strong partnership with due process and justice was again almost assuming a festering sore on our collective goodwill. And as I earlier mentioned, the National Leadership has  addressed it with the nod on the Sir John Ochala leadership of the party in the state. It was just another attempt that the prowling Ayade should cage the party in perpetual oblivion.

I appreciate the National Leadership for the timely intervention here. The prayers of Cross Riverians to experience a change of narrative is here to roost. And posterity will decide the fate of everyone's future by his or her role in this entire episode.

However, I must candidly advice that those who have a better future to project but have chosen to prowl with Ayade should see beyond their own nose.

This is BASSEY ITA' s opinion.
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