Your Mother Can Die, I Don't Care, C'River Lawmaker Blast Constituents

Hon. Itam Abang, Member representing Boki 1 in the Cross River State House of Assembly
A mild drama happened recently in Cross River State when the Member Representing Boki 1 constituency in the state house of assembly, Hon Itam Abang blasted her constituent who approached her for assistance to take his ailing mother to the hospital.

The lawmaker is reported to have humiliated the constituent, a 400 level Estate Management student of Cross River University of Technology CRUTECH saying that she doesn't care about the mother as she was voted to make laws not to assist people.

Giving an eye witness account on his Facebook wall, Ukorebi Essien, Publisher of The Daily News said that the ugly experience has changed his perception about women in politics.

In an article titled "My Perception About Women in Politics", Essien said that even if she hadn't money to help, she would have handled the matter better rather than leaving the poor student helplessly humiliated.

He quoted the lawmaker as saying that :"That's not my business if you like you bring her here, am I a Doctor?  When am done with what am doing here,  I will just enter my car and go away. I was elected to make laws and not to give assistance. After all how many votes did you give me. I spent money in your ward and your people did not vote for me.  I lost in your ward".

The eye witness added that "true to her words as soon as she was done speaking with Hon. Jones Eteng, she zoomed off leaving the poor helpless boy stranded and perplexed".

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  1. Copied.

    Let me add my words to this issue. I have had my part of issues with Hon. Dr. Itam Abang until lately I have decided to under study her. In this particular case, the constituent in question Richard Ocha did'nt tell me Hon. Abang told him she doesn't care about his mother's health after putting a call across to him. He only told me Hon. Abang promised him unspecified amount of money when paid and promised to personally visit his mother (Richard's Mother) for a personal solidarity as a member of her constituency who is sick. Let me bring a few things among many people don't know about Hon. Itam Abang Representation. Do you know that among other personal fees,rent and Hospital Bills paid to people, Hon Abang gave out over 350k to her Constituency final year students via Special Adviser on Aviation Hon. Deacon Amos Kajang.(you can investigate) Do you know Hon Dr. Itam Abang has a 4 Class Room Building donation in Abo.Do you know Hon. Dr Itam Abang have done 2 Town Hall meetings in two years and she is putting up the next one in few weeks from today. Do I need to remind you that Hon Itam Abang, has donated Cows to her various awards for celebration and dozens of Wrappers for the rural women in her Constituency. Do you know Dr Itam Abang is one of the voices in CRSHA, who is more vocal than our previous Biological sons we had send to represent us in Constituency 1,Do you know Hon. Dr Itam Abang is the Chairman House Committee on Education and lot more.I think the issue with Hon. Abang is her media team is not doing enough but my Dear make we take am easy o, IF YOU LIKE SAY I'M PAID, I NEVER CHOP DR ITAM MONEY BEFORE. I DEY MY HOUSE IN STATE HOUSING ESTATE,CALABAR. Shikina



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