Insecurity : Concerned Cross Riverian writes Buhari, Ayade open letter

An open letter to the President, Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Executive Governor of Cross River State and all security agencies


Increasing Rate of Oil Theft, Hard Drugs Intake and Kidnapping in Calabar

I am constrained to write this multi-faceted letter to you, following the increasing rate of oil theft, hard drugs intake and heckled by the strings of kidnappings in Calabar.

Over the years, Calabar had carved a niche for itself as a crime-free city. It was described with a phrase, “come and live and be at rest”. The peaceful nature of the city made Calabar the safest destination for business and leisure, becoming the home for people with diverse culture. This placed us in high pedestal and made Calabar the preferred tourism hub.
All these happened when patriots were in control of the affairs of government. Unfortunately, all these are no more! There has been an upsurge of nefarious activities because a wrong person has found himself in an unlikely place of power. Typical of such appointment is that of the Secretary, special task force on waterways, Cross River State. His name is Mr. Cyril Anthony Asuquo.

Mr. Cyril is seeing his appointment as a license for his unwholesome practices. Activities like illegal oil bunkering and sales of hard drugs are his pastime. He surrounds himself with a retinue of outlaws who help him carryout these activities. In fact, it seems as if the qualification to work with/for him is that one must be able to smoke bigger wraps of marijuana. Woe betides any individual that crosses their path, running foul of their endless and frivolous laws, because his/her case will surely be handled in a banditry manner.

Sir, it is worthy to note that the illegal oil bunkering and hard drugs intake has assumed a frightening dimension in Calabar. It has a significant economic, social, environmental, governance and security implications, contributing to poverty and degradation of the region. Despite efforts to curtail these activities, it still persists. This is because security officials and politicians in the State are benefiting from the exercise. Mr. Cyril brags that every politician and security official in the State has been bribed. Little wonder, those arrested had never been prosecuted. They regain their freedom and find their way back to continue their activities, giving credence to the suggestion that those behind it have strong backing from the top.

From oil theft and hard drugs, these criminals have upped their deadly trade to kidnapping. The kidnappers come through the creeks of Calabar South (Ibesikpo Street, Jebs Road, Anantigha Road), where the oil bunkering and sales of hard drugs is done.

It is common place that over thirty people have been kidnapped and being extorted of ransom running into several millions of naira. Several businessmen, civil servants and public servants are victims. Medical doctors in the State under the auspices of Nigeria Medical Association (NMA), had to down their tools over the kidnap of their colleague. The commissioner for water resources was kidnapped and later released after payment of ransom. As I am writing this letter, the wife of the member representing Yakurr 1 in the Cross River House of assembly has been abducted by these criminals.

It is a thing of concern to everyone as people cannot go about their lawful businesses with peace of mind and do not sleep with both eyes closed. This is a time bomb that must be checked because of its chain reaction.

Meanwhile, Mr. Cyril is busy spending money in choice places in the State. He has two big wooden boats used in conveying oil products to the creeks of Calabar South. Along the creek is stationed his hut usually called “offshore”, where sales and intake of various hard drugs is carried out.

As an appointee, Mr. Cyril earns about one hundred and fifty thousand naira monthly but as I write, he owns a Toyota Tundra, a Ford pickup, a Honda Accord and has just recently bought a Range Rover Sport. Furthermore, he a two-bedroom twin flat at Ibesikpo Street, Calabar South, a Storey building at Howell Street, Calabar South and has just completed a duplex at Asari Eso layout, a high profile area in Calabar municipality. All these are profits of his illegal dealings which is detrimental to Cross River State.

This informs my writing this letter. It is a distress call. There is need for drastic steps to be taken, in terms of investigation, holding of people responsible, persecution or anything necessary to arrest the situation for normalcy to return.

I am begging for desired protection from relevant agencies to enable citizens carryout their businesses withouit fear and I implore you to act quickly. However, if any part of this letter do not fall within the purview of your office, I ask for you to collaborate with other relevant agencies.

Thank you very much for your anticipated prompt action.

Yours faithfully

Archibong Ene
President Muhammadu Buhari 4590278756413107983

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