NYOK: Co-founder, publisher of NegroidHaven is a year older today

Efio-Ita Nyok, Publisher of NegroidHaven


''The History Of The World Is But The Biographies Of Great Men.'' -Annonymous

When sometime ago in the 80's, the chilling cry of a new-born infant sublimed the ever notorious hustle and bustle cosmopolitic atmosphere of Surulere neighbourhood, little was it known then that that baby came into the world with a bucket of ink to add not just a page, but pages to world history.

Born into the royal families of Ekpo Edem and the Ntiero Edem Effiom Ekpo Royal Houses, both of Akpabuyo local government area of Cross River State, Efio-Ita Effiom Nyok, was by virtue of his birth, parentage and education prepared for the road ahead. Having lived and schooled in several cities, notably, Lagos, Aba and Calabar, which are sometimes viewed as fertile grounds for preparing would be future leaders, Nyok would soon realized that his paths cross beyond the horizon.

With this in mind, the growing lad has had to deal very decisive and accurate punches at whatever obstacle before him so as to make smooth his journey along the labyrinth paths. He passionately works(ed) hard to raise the bar notches higher in his academic, activism and philanthropy.

For Nyok, the journey that would later signalled his foray into prominence started after he had completed both his primary and secondary education, notably in Central Primary School, Owerinta, Abia State and Government Science School(now Government Technical College), Mayne Avenue, Calabar, and gained admission into the famous University of Calabar, where in 2013, he bagged a bachelor's degree in Philosophy, coming out with 2nd class upper division.

It was actually during his undergraduate days at the University of Calabar that his candle was lit. Just like a spiritual baptism, he found himself gravitating toward student unionism/activism. Eventually, his candle got more burning fuel and his zeal buzzed up when he was appointed a class representative in the philosophy department.

With this new status, his sense of responsibility became defined and the yearning for higher responsibility within the campus community became insatiable too.

From this period onward, Nyok became a soul and body in campus politics, and this saw him climb steadily to various top positions within the 'Aluta' system. Even while engrossed in Aluta bussiness, he never compromised his academics, which was the Holy Grail he quest for in the University environment. Little wonder he was able to graduate in white robe.

For a moment, Nyok held sway as the Chief-in-Caucus of National Association of Philosophy Students, University of Calabar chapter. To further demonstrate his political sagacity, In 2011, he represented students of the department of philosophy at the Senate of the Faculty of Arts Students Association (FASA-UNICAL). In 2012, Nyok was the representative of Faculty of Arts Students at the Students Union Government Senate. He also served as electoral committee member, and represented Cross River Southern Senatorial District students at the National Association of Cross River State Students(NACRISS) worldwide in 2013.

Between 2012 and 2014, the political-cum-philosophy guru was the president of Government Technical College Old Students Association(GOVTCOSA).

In the academic front, Nyok can be unmistakeably regarded as a repository of knowledge and intellectual power house in his specialty. The youthful scholar is well published and widely read. His works are intellectually studded, with applied relevance. Hence, they effortlessly found place on pages of reputable journals, both local and international. He has authored and co-authored the following works:

1. Synergy between Social Science and Ideology : a Philosophical Contemplation. International Journal of Peace and Conflict Studies (IJPCS), Vol. 2, No. 2, October, 2014

2. Globalisation, Americanisation or Europeanisation? : an Ibuanyidandaist Critique. Premier Edition of Faculty of Arts International Conference, 2016

3. Islam and Terrorism : a Sceptical Consideration. 2017 Conference on Islam in Nigeria (COIN)

4. Intercultural Philosophy : an Ibuanyidandaist Critique. The Toyin Falola @65 Conference, 2018

5. Twist To Political Corruption in 4th Republic Nigeria in view of Non-human Animals Stealing Millions :a Case for the Defense of Animal Rights. International Conference on Philosophy of Food, 2018

6. Democracy in Nigeria Vis-a-vis New Media : an Appraisal. FAHANU UNICAL 2018 International Conference

7. Technology and Human Freedom. Being a book chapter already accepted for publication.

Nyok's scholarship, activism and philanthropy are not without accolades and recognitions, which sometimes come in form of awards and nominations. In a nutshell, Nyok is a recipient of the following awards and nominations:

*In November 2016, Mr Nyok was named by One Million Cross Riverians Online as 'Personality of the Week'.

*In December 2016, a team of social media analysts in Cross River State nominated him as 'Facebook Personality of the Year'.

*In January 2017, a group of social commentators/public affairs analysts based in Cross River awarded Nyok '2016 Blogger of the Year'.

*In May 2017, the versatile writer and activist was nominated and awarded 'Future Leaders: 50 Young People to Watch' by Profiles and Biographies Initiatives.

So far, the life of this silent achiever has been replete with laurels upon laurels. This can only come as a testimony to his hardwork, diligence, resilience and determination.

Indeed, an advocate of the common man. Nyok, through his fledgling online news outfit, negroidhaven.org, has championed the course of the masses and downtrodden. He has in occasions, innumerable, spoken strongly in condemnation of cruel forces in government who used their fiats arbitrarily to oppress the poor and defenceless. He did this, at times putting his own life in harms way.

Nyokism, as his philosophy, exudes such an aura that embodies the truth in John Maxwell's concept of leadership.

His selfless disposition to people's welfare endears him to all and sundry. He has this air of messianic charisma assailing him everywhere he goes. He is well loved by those who are lucky to meet him. Unlike a typical Cross River youth, Nyok is extremely humble and honest, despite having a place in the pantheon of the gods.

He has all the acumen to assume leadership position and can function effectively in whatever capacity he is called upon to serve.

Currently, he is the National Public Relations Officer and Acting Chairman, Online Media Practitioners Association of Nigeria, OMPAN, Cross River State chapter.

He is about to round off his Master's Degree programme in Philosophy at the University of Calabar where he's appraising representative democracy in Nigeria from the perspective of Asouzu’s 'ihe mkpuchi anya'.

As he becomes a year older in this historic day of 12th June, 2018, may the good Lord continue to be the source of his inspiration and strength. May his dwelling place be the munitions of rock.


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