NMA Election : Doctors welfare will be my top priority, Ochang, Chairmanship aspirant

Dr. Earnest Ochang, an aspirant for the Chairmanship of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Cross River State chapter has promised to make the welfare of medical Doctors his top priority if he emerged the Chairman in the forthcoming elections.

Ochang, in an exclusive chat with Fearless Reports regretted that the Welfare of Doctors in the state have unfortunately been relegated to the background but promised to turn things around if elected.

He added that up until the current executive where he is serving as the state Public Relations Officer came on board, "the NMA was incommunicado in several fronts. Charlatans held sway in our radio and TV stations. Thanks to the support of my Chairman, we changed that narrative. We were loudly heard. I coordinated series of radio programs and still being broadcasted".

He said that "If given the opportunity, I will develop  a 5year strategic plan with the help of my exco. This plan will set our vision and mission as well as put all its programs and projects in print through its life and beyond and follow through".

On publicity, Ochang, also a lecturer in the University of Calabar, averred that "I will have a well funded media and publicity committee to work closely with the PRO/and Secretary. A page will be created for publicity in the CRJMED.COM website which was a major achievement by the previous exco but it was midwifed, directed and executed by my team. It was also an idea on a paper. I know how to get jobs done. I thank the previous chairman for his support.

"We will also continue to fraternize with the press as I have done in the last 2years. Control the press, you control opinion. This was also a strategic idea and plan by me in the last exco"

On his plans for social services, he said that "We will link the NMA to the Red Cross refugee interventions project I am currently implementing so NMA will take full benefit and enhance visibility and and responsibility.

NMA will and shall make an official statement and take center stage on all health and humanitarian issues in Cross River State same way I have done with the Red Cross.

The state government will take us serious and we can always engage government early both politically and officially".

He also promised to empower the private hospitals regulatory agency to fight quacks saying that "NMA will use all its resources to serve as pivot. We will liaise with the chairman of AGPMPN and the private hospitals regulatory agency to strategize on the way forward. I will keep that to myself because we are facing persecution and need some secrecy".

Speaking about his vision for recreation he maintained that "I had the template for the sports arena, got it for free, submitted to the chairman and exco but never implemented because land was not provided. Be rest assured I will see it through. This was also an idea on paper. First the table tennis board in the NMA office will be put to use immediately by ARD then we support with badminton and then volley ball".

Ochang promised to guarantee zero deductions for AGM as "we will seek alternative revenue. Mark this and hold me accountable. I Will market NMA as a business unit.

The NMA land beside city clinic is a goldmine waiting to be tapped. We also need a different model to complete the hall. The hall is a business and should be funded as such. Not with dues. Loan or crowd funding is the way to go so members who subscribe will become stake holders. We will then create and register CRISNMA investments Ltd with CAC. NMA will only hold shares and subscribing members hold the rest".

While pledging to work on a model for payment of all welfares, he added that  "First zero tolerance on welfare indebtedness moving forward. Use pay as we go approach. Then calculate all indebtedness and divide by 20 (exco year is 24 months).

Then set aside that sum monthly. I will empower my Vice Chairman to implement it. That much I can promise.
I will support each affiliates to negotiate for it's welfare from their employer.

NMA members subscribed land: Alternative dispute resolution will be my approach if the subscribers agree.

While explaining that leadership capacity building and mentoring has been one of the challenges of doctors, he said that "the NMA will support the SOC and 1 affiliate EXCO member to attend ASCON training on public enterprise management".
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