OPINION : Cross River 2019: Laughable antics of desperadoes and failures By Christian Ita

Mr. Christian Ita, Governor Ben Ayade Chief Press Secretary

Yesterday, some failed politicians of Cross River State origin hiding under a faceless group, "Forever Cross River", made mockery of activism and agitation when they  engaged five jobless youths for N1,000  per person, to wave anti-Ben Ayade placards at the national secretariat of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

It is shameful and nuseating that despite their posturing and braggadacio, they could only muster five passers- by they shamelessly passed off  as anti- Ayade "protesters". It is now undoubtedly clear that in the trenches against  the performing governor of Cross River state, Professor Ben  Ayade, are power mongers and desperados who are far removed from the state, not in touch with reality and therefore alien to the governor's reinvention of Cross River within just three years of assuming office.

Had it not been so, they would not have shamelessly displayed their pathetic ignorance of Cross River under Ayade by alleging that the governor's brother also doubles as his Chief of Staff.

Clearly, these confused characters have no answer to Ayade's industrialization drive neither  do they have any clue as to how to discredict the governor's infrastructural, economic, agricultural and human capital development of the state because the people of Cross River state are no longer ready to be hoodwinked by desperate politicians who do not care about them and the state.

Surely, Ayade's unmatchable signature achievements: the Cross River Rice Seeds and Seedlings factory which no less a person than President Muhammadu Buhari commissioned last month, the Calabar Garment factory, the Cross River  and pharmaceutical factory among others are sources of High Blood Pressure to them.

They know it is impossible to dismiss these projects as non- existent.

Similarly, they are awed by Professor Ayade's huge investment in Agriculture which has earned him President Buhari's effusive praises. And therefore, embrassed that the ultra modern Ogoja Rice mill, the cotton farm in Woda, Yala,the cocoa processing plant in Ikom, Banana plantation in Odukpani, the feed mill and yellow maize farm in Obubra and the ultra modern poultry Calabar are all verifiable agricultural investments undertaken by Ayade just within three years can not be wished away.

The disgruntled elements have hoped in vain to hear that workers are being owed salaries.

Rather what they hear is defeaning cheers of workers who have nicknamed Ayade "Salary Master" on account of his prompt payment of salaries.

Having therefore, realised that they stand no chance against Ayade whether in contest for the PDP governorship ticket or the guber election proper, they have become jittery  and desperate with a five-man hired Cross River Forever "protesters" as confirmation.

That the so-called protest took place a day after Cross Riverians, in their thousands, defied bad weather and gave their Governor a rousing welcome upon his return from two weeks vacation and a day after he received yet another Award in recognition of his purposeful governance- the BussinessDay Award for Best Performing Governor in Agriculture- also underline the desperation and fear that envelopes those hopelessly dreaming of upstaging him from office next year.

However, the people of Cross River know who deserve their hearts and votes- Ayade. They have refused to be misled or deceived.

Christian Ita is Governor Ben Ayade Chief Press Secretary/Senior Special Assistant on Media and Publicity
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