Plateau Massacre : APC Chieftain slams Adesina over reaction, says he's a disappointment

A Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress, APC in Cross River State, Mr. Philip Obin has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari Spokesman, Femi Adesina for reeling out figures of people killed under PDP in reaction to the recent herdsmen massacre in Plateau state.

Obin who said this in a post on his Facebook wall said Adesina was a huge disappointment even as he said the Buhari led administration has not done enough in the area of security.

Read the post in full :

"I wish to state unequivocally that Mr. Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, has disappointed a lot of Nigerians, including myself, for taking to remind Nigerians about the number of innocent lives lost to mostly preventable crisis across Nigeria since the year 1999

President Buhari hasn't done enough in the area of security, which is the primary responsibility of any government.

Maybe because the challenges are more enormous than anticipated, which is also not adequate excuse.

However, it's unfair and an act of arrogance for Femi to have spent precious time researching and counting head by head, the number of fellow Nigerians killed under Jonathan's watch!


Those who sincerely would say the truth know that President Buhari means business and is committed to finding a lasting solution to these violent crisis across Nigeria, but while at it, and until he finds these solutions, the least those of us who are close to him or support him can do should be to either keep apologising to Nigerians, giving them hope and letting them know some of the enduring steps this admin is taking to address these issues permanently; or we keep mute, while brainstorming and suggesting valuable ideas to the appropriate quarters; instead of wasting time counting number of deaths, thereby refreshing ugly memories, mocking the bereaved as well as offending the collective sensibilities of Nigerians.

Nigerians already know the figures and were uncomfortable with the figures, hence they voted for President Buhari, trusting that he would find a lasting solution to the increasing figures, so Nigerians do not need to be reminded of the figures - not even by a top govt official.

I also wish to appeal to Nigerians to also engage their respective leaders, starting from their local Councilors, Chairmen, NASS Reps, and Governors to assume responsibility of security within their jurisdictions and capacities, as security must be seen as everyone's business.

As I type right now, my own state of Cross River is undergoing the worst security crisis in decades, ranging from cult clashes to intra and inter state clashes, with over 8 LGAs heavily affected and thousands of lives lost in the last three years, while the political class and govt of Cross River state watch and do absolutely nothing.

Some of the neighbouring states affecting by these crises have made frantic efforts over and over, to reach out to the govt of Cross River state, directly and indirectly but our govt here would continue to ignore or turn down every invitation to dialogue or take action.

I recall a personal experience of how the govt of Cross River state, through the deputy Governor, whose responsibility it is to look into inter state and boundary issues, chased my delegation out of govt house when we cried out to the govt to come to the aide of my people in Biase LGA, where communal clashes are currently ongoing and lives and property being wasted.

The most unfortunate part is that the same deputy Governor who chased us out of his office, hails from the same affected Biase LGA, and particularly the council ward where his mother comes from; even when he has received security alerts, letters and petitions over the lingering case between his Biase LGA in Cross River state and Afikpo South LGA in Ebonyi state.

Both Afikpo South LGA and the Ebonyi state govt have made efforts countless times to reach out to Biase LGA and the govt of Cross River over the land dispute.

Even last month on May, another meeting was called by the Ebonyi state govt and invitations sent to the affected communities, Urugbam and Egbor communities in Erei South and North wards in Biase LGA (Cross River), and Ekoli Edda in Afikpo South LGA (Ebonyi).

For fairness, the meeting venue was taken to Enugu state, and on the meeting day, as always, the govt of Biase and Cross River state was absent, while the govt of Afikpo South, and ebonyi state, and the affected communities waited till 12 midnight and left with little or no discussion.

Consequently, the matter has escalated, and right now, as there is total bridge of security within that region as markets are closed, firmers now sit at home, economic activities completely truncated, and lives being lost.

The nonchalant attitude of the Cross River state govt is gradually leading a number of communities into seeking their own and unofficial means of securing themselves - unthinking and dangerous means that would lead to what govt may not be able to contain in the nearest future.

So, I am pleading with every well meaning Nigerian to not play politics with security, especially my own Governor, professor Ben Ayade, to kindly look into the deadly clashes going on across the entire state of Cross River, and do everything possible to return Cross River state to that envious state everyone wants to visit for leisure and business.

Let us pressure and challenge our traditional and political leaders, especially state governors and govt to not be too selfish with the huge monthly security votes they receive and play a part in security within their states and the pressure on the centre (Abuja) would consequently reduce, too.

Let us unite at all levels and ensure security is everyone's business".
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