OPINION : Why Speakership of CRSHA Should Remain in Central Senatorial District

Mr. Kennedy Nsan

By Kennedy Nsa

I have read counter arguments to this position on who should become the next Speaker of CRS House of Assembly, and needs to make my position clear on this matter even though I do not have a vote as this is an in-house election by members of the Cross River State House of Assembly, however,  as a way of contributing to the ongoing debate about who should be crowned as first amongst equals and Speaker of House of Assembly.

My take is simple and premised on equity and justice within the PDP fold and the larger Cross River State project.

In line with the above, I like to say that at the beginning of this democratic experience in 1999, Yakuur had been Speaker of CRS House of Assembly through Rt. Hon. Bassey Eko Ewa, will it then be appropriate to still give the speakership of Cross River State House of Assembly to Yakuur again?!

This was how Yakuur held the House of Reps position for 5 terms of 20 years, I hope Abi LGA which now has it also keeps it that long! We need to be equitable and just in the distribution of public office or public positions in Cross River State politics so as to give a sense of belonging to the various constituent parts that make up the political whole, in this case the larger unit, Cross River State.

The Speakership position of CRS House of Assembly should rotate to the various state constituencies within the Central Senatorial District where it is currently domicile if we must be seen to be equitable and just in the distribution of public office within its constituent parts. If this is to be the case, then the Speakership position needs to go to Boki or Ikom State Constituency as this is the most reasonable and fair thing to do! This is the equitable thing to do!

The rumours making rounds that the Speakership position may shift to the Southern Senatorial District must never be contemplated within the present scheme of things, as other political positions held by others zone like the governorship or state party chairmanship position of the PDP hasn't shifted. Why then should anybody contemplate shifting the Speakership position? Let's be mindful of how we distribute public office and be sensitive to the sensibilities of others who share in this estate.

The speakership of CRS House of Assembly must remain in the Central Senatorial District but for the sake of equity must shift from Yakuur State Constituency because in the not too distant pass and in this dispensation, Yakuur State Constituency had produced the Speaker through one of her own in the person of Hon. Bassey Eko Ewa, and should not have it again, not because the person speculated to be the anointed candidate does not have the requisite experience and credentials but because others also have the experience and must be given a sense of belonging especially because Ikom and Boki State Constituencies still in the Central Senatorial District have not had their turn in the Speakership position, and so the most appropriate thing to do is to give it to Boki or Ikom State Constituency.

Members of Cross River State House of Assembly must stand for equity and justice and must be seen to do the right thing this time around, by giving the seat to Ikom or Boki State Constituency as what is good for the goose is also good for the gander!

Kennedy Nsan
Writes from Akparabong

Disclaimer : The opinions and views expressed here do not reflect the views of Fearless Reports but the author.
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