CRBC waning services to the public

By Chief Nyong Asuquo Edet

The mudslinging on the Ministry of Information and Orientation can only be driven by envy and the quest for political appointment. Otherwise, how can blame be shifted from leadership of CRBC and heaped on the Ministry, if not for mischievous, self-seeking, political reasons!

The recent CROSS RIVER WATCH-reported article by one Missang Akpet, purporting that the Ministry of Information and Orientation did not fare well in last four years of Governor Ben Ayade’s administration, though flimsy as it appeared, was spuriously ideated to calumniate the Ministry.

Though the writer’s article exposed his inept degree of lack of understanding of the statutory role of the Ministry of Information and Orientation over its parastatals (CRBC and CRSNPC), I would not have bordered to dignify him with a response; but this vicious and precarious attempt to dis-inform and misinform the public, is what has prompted my reaction.

In the Corporation’s (CRBC) reliance solely on power supply from PHED for lack of funds to fuel its own power generating sets, as pointed out by the writer; does the Ministry of Information and Orientation handle the day to day management of CRBC? Is the Corporation not under the direct management of the appointee(s) of Government? What happens to the streams of revenue from advertisers to the Corporation? These questions unravel, clearly, the writer’s brazen attempt to discredit the Ministry of Information and Orientation.

The Ministry of Information and Orientation is statutorily to supervise the affairs of CRBC and other parastatals. It does not in any way conflict with the day-to-day running of those establishments, which is solely the Management’s job.

The undoings or failure of CRBC is directly blamed on the management of the Corporation, headed by the General-Manager and not to be attributed to the Ministry, whose role is only supervisory.

Why has the writer, himself, an artiste with CRBC, refused to channel issues bothering the station to the Managers of Corporation? It is the Corporation Management’s duty to ensure that the CRBC remains on air daily, and also undertake repairs and maintenance of equipment, including the OB Van.

On appointment of online media aides by the Governor: I am appalled by your cynical disregard for the new media. It is a 21st century phenomenon that has taken information dissemination to another dimension. So we must brace ourselves with emerging trends, in line with international best practice.

The Ministry of Information and Orientation, in synergy with media outfits in the State (Print, Electronic, online blogs, etc) made information gathering, dissemination and enlightenment of the public a seamless exercise.

Talking about contract staff in CRBC, I am aware of the Ministry's tireless efforts to get them appointed; travelling to CRBC, Ikom to compile lists of Artists; doing same in Calabar, screening and scrutinising, pushing, and hoping that this tireless efforts to regularise the appointment of the Artists in Cross River Broadcasting Corporation (CRBC) shall also receive His Excellency's kind approval.

On the Newspaper Corporation building, I found out that this is a contract awarded before the advent of the present administration. The building is yet to be completed based on pending contractual issues, competing demand on the available lean financial resources in the State.

This unwarranted attack on a Ministry, which has driven the Information sector with unparalleled passion, innovation, amazing energy and drive, must stop.

Chief Nyong Asuquo Edet, a veteran broadcaser writes from Calabar
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