OPINION: Lessons in 'Political Elitism and the Rest of us' by Efio-Ita Nyok

Efio-Ita Nyok

I have come to discover that there's only one divide in society, and it's that between the rich and the poor, wealth and poverty. You're either here or there.

This divide suggests that there's inequality in society and there will always be social, political and economic inequalities... We are and can't all be equal.

But with vision, hard work and commitment as well as luck we can happen on fortune and make a good name for ourselves and others we hold dear. Some have plied this honourable route. This is a demonstration of the inculcation of sound value system.

Albeit, there's another route to being on the divide of wealth, power and fame. It's a perversion. It's the vicious art of plundering the rest of us especially the 'rest of us' —unsuspecting proletariats.

To achieve this, the bourgeoisie or elite plunder the proletariat, that is, I and you through the polarising tools of religion, tribalism and illiteracy which is a means to an end —the end being poverty and abject penury.

If the 'rest of us' proletariats must lead this life honourably, we must do so by deliberately resisting the polarising apparatuses of religion, tribalism and illiteracy. Get quality education and improve your skill set; there are no tribes except one tribe —humanity. Spirituality is the actual acknowledgement of a divine order, not religion characterised by contradicting dogmas and deliberate misconceptions of reality which translates to disunity in society.

Learn this for free, practicalise it and lift yourself from the doldrums of obscurity into relevance. But, remember not to continue the trend of widening the divide through the dichotomous instruments of religion, tribalism and illiteracy. Reduce the divide and improve on human happiness.

Nyok writes from Calabar, Nigeria; can be reached at effioitanyok@gmail.com
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