My Experience at Immigration Office Calabar , By Corper Gold Edemobi

Passport Unit in any Offices of the Nigeria Immigration Service in Nigeria,has always been a market-like environment due to the influx of people who want to obtain the document for travelling purposes.

The experience i had before coming for my National Youth Service in Cross River State wasn't too good to tell,  and this led to my inability of getting my  International Passrport as expected.

Coming to Calabar in August 2018, i made up my mind that i must get my passport before i finish my service year, but the daily exingences of duties in my office could not allow me till late june, 2019 when i decided to test my patience at the Immigtration office located at Otu Ansa Street opposite Magret Ekpo International Airport, Calabar.

I was ready to stay the whole day for the exercise and possibbly come  back the following day as it is in other states i have had experience before now, but Alas, the wonder happened.

At the gate, directing applicants on what to do was the Deputy Comptroller , Imeh Nta who i later got to know that is the Head of passport  Unit of the Command, so , processing, documentation and issuance of passport in  Cross River State command of the Nigeria Immigration is under the Control of DCI Imeh.

My Name is  Edemobi Ifunanya Gold,a serving corps member with the press unit of Government House Calabar, Cross River State.

The  day was a wet day on the 24th of June 2019,I went with a friend to apply for the processing  of my International passport at the Nigeria Immigration Airport Calabar, in a bid to meet up with the Visa appointment I have sometime later in the year.

On arrival,I met a queue of people already sitted and waiting in turns for application and collection of their passports. The queue was orderly and it was mainly on first come first serve basis. One of the officers on duty was there to maintain decorum and ensure that there was orderliness.

Surprisingly the speed at which the officers were handling the processing was unbelievable  and when it got to my turn ,  I was ushered into the main office where I was received with warm reception.

The officer in charge asked for details and went through my documents to ensure I came with the  required ones.I was then taken to another office for image capturing .
After documentation, my details was to be uploaded to the commission portal which of course required internet connectivity.

This stage had a little delay because of the slowdown of their internet connectivity.
 Amidst the delay,I was spoken to calmly and my indulgence to exercise patience was been sought and I obliged too as well.

  The most anticipated time,was here,I was told my passport was ready for collection. I was so happy and my facial expressions was priceless.

Unlike my previous experiences in other states, i applied, processed and collected  my Passport the same day in Calabar , This is unbelivable. I signed all the necessary  documents and had my thumbprint done after which my International Passport was handed over to me.

All these were done smoothly because of the hardworking , intelligent and non Compromise  head of the passport Unit in Calabar Office of the Nigerian Immigration Office,  DCI, Imeh Nta whose No Nonsense leadership style resonate around all the officers in the Passport Office.

Nigeria can be great once again with dedication to work and discipline of Officer like DCI.Imeh.Thank You DCI Imeh Nta, Thank You Nigeria Immigration Service Calabar, Thank You Cross River State .

Edemobi Ifunnaya Gold, a serving corps member writes from Calabar
President Buhari 1591980542728138928

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