Ayade's Agric Revolution : Returning Nigeria to the base

File picture of Gov. Ben Ayade inspecting the ultramodern Cocoa Processing Plant, Ikom

Prior to the oil boom in the 70s, agriculture was the mainstay of Nigeria's economy. Countries like Malaysia etc which is today the second largest  oil producing nation in the world actually begun her journey in the sector in Nigeria. It is said that Malaysians used to come to Nigeria to get palm seedlings to grow their palm estate. Ironically, today Nigerians go there to import palm oil.

While it's save to say that Nigeria has made fortune from the oil sector, the over concentration on the sector has however hindered or drifted the country's focus from her base which is agriculture to something that technology is gradually taking over its relevance. With the electrics gaining acceptance across the globe, the value of oil in the international market is likely to continue to fall.

Nigeria first launched her path to the global consumer market with her agric produce therefore, with the uncertainty on oil prices, the drive to return the country to her base- agriculture, with more modern and digital approach as exemplified by the 'Digital' Governor of Cross River State, Sen. Ben Ayade is the surest way to go. For emphasis, agriculture shouldn't be seen as the future because it is not. It was the base and has remained the most reliable economic stabilizer that will return Nigeria to her rightful place in the comity of states.
Rice Seedlings

Cross River State until 2012 was one of the states in Nigeria which also made fortune from the oil sector. However, as the state lost its status as oil producing state, the need to return to the base became even more a necessity and than an option. In fact, it is even non-negotiable because to lift Cross River from the ambience of over reliance on federal allocation to a pedestal of sustainable economic development, agric is the real deal.

Gov. Ayade, the 3rd democratically elected Governor of Cross River State in the current democratic dispensation has perhaps taken the bull by the horn in building a module for other states in the country by redirecting the economy around agriculture. 

In the last four years, Gov. Ayade's agric revolution has been unmatched. From the now famous rice seedlings factory to the first ultramodern Cocoa Processing Plant, to poulty farms, factory and feed mills, banana etc, the Governor has simply sent a message across the country that agriculture is the way and the surest path to making Nigeria great again.

Cross River is today topping the charts anywhere in Nigeria that the potentials in agriculture is being discussed. Just few days ago, the Governor and the state trended on one of the world's largest social media platform, twitter not because the state has discovered oil but because of his uncommon radical agric revolution.
Ogoja rice mills

For instance, a conglomeration of agriculture pressure groups, Digital Agricbusiness, Agriceducation  Agricmedia and Corporate Agriculture International have discribed as unstoppable, his agricultural revolution.

They lauded the governor's agricultural value chain drive saying it will go a long way in building a strong economy not just for the state but the country at large.

The groups which are the founders of Nigeria StockBrokers Agricbusiness Group (NSBAG) of the Nigeria Stock Exchange, took to their official twitter account @corpsfarmerstv to commend the Governor.

The remarks came after they watched a documentary of the soon-to-be commissioned ultramodern Cocoa Processing Plant, Ikom constructed by the Ayade administration.

While describing the initiative as "great", they added that "we really commend the good job. We will be available to always add value to his work and let the world see how Cross River state Agriculture is growing in transforming Nigeria and Africa

Another twitter user who joined the conversation, Dr. Olufemi Adebayo whose profile reads as a medical Doctor and a Director with the group said that "in the hall of fame of AgricSuperHeroes, you are one of a kind. Your Excellency, you are surely making amazing impact on the economy. Ride on powerfully 

He added that Ayade has "thrown a big challenge to other states, policy makers, corporate world & stakeholders in the economy by his exploits that Agric is an Economic power that must not be ignored".
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