Nigeria @59: Ekpere-Eta calls on women to keep faith with country

Director-General of the National Centre for Women Development, Mary Ekpere-Eta Esq, has called on Nigerian women to keep faith with Nigeria. 

Ekpere-Eta noted in her Independence  Day message, that Nigeria needs the commitment and patriotism of women, as they constitute about fifty percent of the country's population.

She said Nigerian women have always demonstrated thier faith in Nigeria, as can be adjudged by their contributions in different aspects of National life.  

She further opined that women have contributed so  much to the nation's progress and stability. 

“ Patriotism and steadfastness are known characteristics of our women. Nigeria's history is replete with women who gave thier all in service to fatherland.

“We have mothers who work very had to contribute to the welfare of their families, women who are community leaders and role models in thier chosen fields. We therefore need women not to relent in making contributions in thier circles  of influence because this contributed greatly to our country ‘ s survival”, the statement read. 
The NCWD Director-General equally described women as agents of peace and unity, further calling on them keep playing the role of stabilizer.

“From Medicine, business, science , the academia and politics, there is hardly a sector Nigerian women haven't made impact. 
“Our Independence Day celebration provides me with another opportunity to commend the women for thier loyalty to Nigeria and seek that they support government policies geared towards empowering them”.
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