C'River APC: How to sustain Jedy's peace initiative despite bye-election ticket crisis

Between 2017 to early August this year, the All Progressives Congress, APC in Cross River State hardly acted like a party with a group of people who have collective interest and objective to achieve.

The party spent more time in the court room than boardroom to strategize on how to win elections. It was a house in commotion that was divided against itself. Members were always at war with each other over one thing or the other.

These disagreements culminated into an unending war of words among party members who were sharply divided into two factions controlled by Pst. Usani Usani, the eastwhile Minister of Niger Delta Affairs and Sen. John Owan Enoh, former Senator representing the central Senatorial district.

Obviously, the crisis was propelled by two major reasons; ambition and lack of leadership. The gubernatorial ambition of Sen. Owan Enoh and Usani Usani meant that the two people who should ordinarily show leadership were more interested in intricacies that promoted their personal ambitions than the overall progress of the party in the state.

This negative developments amplified the yearning for leadership by party faithful. The excitement that greeted the appointment of Prince Goddy Jeddy Agba as Minister and by implication, the leader of the party  was not unconnected to this.

He was particularly the perfect man to lead APC at the time because he was one of just a very few party leaders in the state that was not directly or indirectly involved in the factionalization of the party neither is someone that is overambitious. 

He's an embodiment of what APC needed to make progress and there's no gainsaying that the party has made progress under his leadership. This is evidenced in his success in bringing all those who were hitherto committed to fractions together. The end to the leadership tussle in the party around August this year was a huge relief to everybody including members of PDP who wanted a viable opposition party.

Like John Maxwell said "Everything rises and falls on leadership, but knowing how to lead is only half the battle. Understanding leadership and actually leading are two different activities." Jedy has proven this.

However, with the leadership issue settled, the problem is just half done. The root cause of the problem is ambition and it's still there. Unless, party leaders are called to a round table to discuss and take some difficult decisions going forward, there are signs everywhere that the party would be plagued into further crisis very soon.

The outcome of the Cross River North Senatorial primaries which is currently causing serious disenchantment in the ranks and files of the party is a clear indication that there's an impending danger that if not properly managed would explode sooner than expected.

For whatever reason, there was a grievous mistake of not calling all those who had interest in the Senate election to dialogue and negotiate. No doubt, attempts were made with series of meetings in Abuja but the meetings were called without proper consultation and sincere intentions hence, the failure to achieve the needed results that would have bonded the party even more after the primary.

Similarly, it rumoured that, contrary to some insinuations, while some overambitious politicians from the state in connivance with the Minister of state for Petroleum, Chief Timpre Sylver who has unexpected interest in the election, wanted results for the primary to be filled and submitted in Abuja, it was Jedy who insisted that materials should to go to the field and that whoever party members choose should fly the ticket. 

Although, this turn out not to be the case but there's still time to correct the wrong by acknowledging that the voice of the people is the voice of God.

The Minister and other leaders of the party who mean well have worked so hard to restore peace in APC therefore they must do more to consolidate on what they've achieved by finding a common front for all parties involved. The party is large enough to accommodate all interests after all, APC's symbol is broom which signifies oneness and togetherness.

No doubt, the party has fared better under Jedy's leadership but there's room for improvement. The Senate bye-election which should ordinarily be an opportunity for the party to perfect the takeover of the state from the PDP in 2023 should not be allowed to become a bane and clog in the wheel of progress of the party.

For the sake of emphasis, party leaders must sit down to discuss the ambitions of those with aspirations, try to align them with the objective of the party and set out clear road maps to achieving them. 

Also, the Cross River North ticket issue which is threatening to tear the party apart must be treated with utmost care. There's nothing sincere dialogue and negotiation cannot solve in politics.

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