Embrace Dialoque, War Is Not Won In The Battlefield But Roundtable - Minister Tells Secessionists

From R-L: Prof. Sam Guobadia, VC O BIU, Hon. Goddy Jedy Agba, OFR, Honourable Minister of State, Power, Prof. Pat Utomi, Pro-Chancellor/Chairman of Governing Council, BIU and Bishop Emmanuel Benson-Idahosa, President of BIU

Minister of State, Power, Goddy Jedy Agba, OFR, has identified dialoque as well as access to quality and sound education as most viable solutions to  recent uprising in regional agitations in Nigeria. 

Agba stated this when principal officers of the Benson Idahosa University (BIU) paid him a courtesy visit in his office to inform him of his nomination for a Doctorate degree by the University during their forthcoming convocation ceremony.

The Minister stressed the need for leaders across the country as well as secession agitators to interact and dialoque to find solution to the  challenges facing the country and not push the Nigeria to another civil war.

He maintained that no solution has been achieved through war and no war has been won in the battle field therefore, people should be ready to engage government and leaders across regions for solutions instead of fanning embers of war.

According to him, "I'm happy to welcome you to my office. Our country is going through a very challenging time and it's good that we at leadership positions interact with leaders at all levels to find solutions to our problem.

Nigeria is very strategic to Africa and the world. If we fail, Africa would have failed and the world will never remain the same. I've always agreed with those who argue that war is not the solution to our problem. We need to fix our education, and leaders at all levels need to interact and dialogue.

No war has been won in the battle field before; so, if you can't win the war in the battle field, why take up arms when everything will still be resolved in a roundtable? We can and should sit down as a people to discuss and find solutions to our problems".

On his nomination for the award, the Power Minister opined that, "I value my relationship with BIU and I believe that God will grant me the grace and enablement to express my love for the University in a way that the entire University community will be proud of".

He added that "I have reached out to some of my friends who have agreed to partner and support me to do whatever we have in mind for the University. I want to say that I value my relationship with the University and feel very proud to have been considered worthy for this honour ".

Responding, Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the governing council of BIU, Prof. Pat Utomi said that the Minister was carefully selected because of the impacts he has created in the country.

According to him," in the efforts to build nation, certain important rules are assigned and one of such rules assigned to BIU is to seek partnership and its not coincidence that we find you worthy for this.

It's true that Honorary Causa, when awarded is not seen beyond the award. But we see this one beyond the degree because we are here to tell you that this partnership is not just about what you can do for the University or just to celebrate you but because as a University, we want to build a network of community around.

You've created so much impact not just as Minister but even in your previous assignment. For all you have done and things you are yet to do, we say thank you".

Utomi added that "We are looking forward to seeing how we can collaborate with you to build the next generation of leaders through the University and we're happy that you've found us worthy to accept our partnership".

On his part, President of the University, Bishop Emmanuel Benson-Idahosa said that "we appreciate you and commend you for all you've done for this great country and are looking forward to a long relationship with you".

Vice Chancellor of the University, Prof. Sam Guobadia and other principal officers of the University, including governing council members were part of the delegation to the Minister's office.

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