Former SPIP Boss, Obono-obla Sends Message To Politicians Ahead of 2023

Former Chairman of Special Presidential Panel on Recovery of Public Properties, (SPIP), Chief Okoi Obono-obla  has urged politicians across the country to see politics as a game and not war.

In a Facebook post published on Wednesday in his personal account (@Okoi Obono-obla), the former Presidential aide cautioned that politics shouldn't cause enmity or lead to people hurling abuses on their opponents.

The All Progressives Congress, Chieftain who has declared intention to contest the Cross River Central Senatorial District seat in the next election maintained that the game of politics should be about the jaw, constructive engagement, dialogue, consensus-building, cooperation, or love.

According to him, "Politics is the science of who gets what, when, and how. It concerns the authoritative allocation of resources. Resources are scarce, so the distribution of financial resources, opportunities is usually a difficult task. It is what has tasked and engaged the minds of politicians, leaders, and statesmen alike over the ages.

Therefore since resources are scarce and hard to find, there is always a struggle among competing interest groups or groups of people or nations jostling to get a pie of the cake. An unhealthy and intense struggle for control of limited resources can sometimes lead to war among nations.

But this is bad politics. Good politicians should not allow war to break out when they disagree. They can always disagree to agree. Politics shouldn't cause enmity or lead to people raining or hurling abuses or opponents accusing each other"

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