NGO engages Benue assembly on youth commission bill

Women Environmental Programme (WEP), a non-governmental organisation in partnership with GCERF is engaging Benue legislators on the need to pass into law a youth commission bill.

Speaking at a round table discussion with  members of Benue house of assembly, Priscilla Achakpa, WEP global president said the passing of the bill will help empower the youths and alienate them from violence.

Achakpe said youths who are not engaged are more vulnerable to violence and this has fueled the challenges Nigeria faces.

“From 2001 till today WEP has laboured extensively across Nigeria on issues of violent extremism,

“you would agree with me that the issues of the youth and the problems we are having in Nigeria today is not an easy task. Around the country, everywhere you go, the youths are the ones perpetuating violence because most of them have graduated from schools and are unemployed and so they fall very cheaply for anyone who gives them a stipend to go out and perpetrate violence 

“And so we feel as an organisation we believe that establishing a youth commission where we have a lot of partners that will suppose this commission in terms of funding is very key in bustling the capacities of our youth” 

Yetunde Adegoke, national coordinator of Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund (GCERF) said the organisation aims to prevent the uprise of violence extremists.

She said the group is currently working in the north central because it noticed that the region is susceptible to extremist recruitment, adding that their mission is to prevent such occurrences in the region by engaging the youths skillfully. 

Titus Uba, speaker of the Benue state house of assembly appreciated the group for the work they are doing adding that the house will support them by passing the bill to set up a youth commission. 

“What they are doing is to empower the youth, to create a commission for the youths and this is what society is looking for to take our youths off the streets and when they are taken off the streets, those social vices will also be taken away from them. 

“Basically that is what the bill is trying to project, we as the house of assembly are strongly behind this bill and we will also get the executive to quickly assent to it once the bill is passed so we can take out youths off the streets” he said.
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