Prof. Zana Akpagu : Celebrating The Builder Of Men @62

Prof. Zana Akpagu, immediate past Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar 

Sixty-two years ago, today, God, in his infinite mercies blessed this generation with a very unique personality in Prof. Zana Akpagu. Renowned for his administrative acumen and rare skill of building people, Akpagu grew through the ranks in his career to reach the very zenith where he bowed out in style about nine months ago as the best Vice Chancellor yet in the history of the University of Calabar. 

Born into the family of late Mr. and Mrs. Akpagu in Obudu local government area of Cross River State, the handsome, disciplined and lovely Professor of Modern Languages, Akpagu started his academic pursuits in the famous Mary Knoll College, Okuku-Ogoja (now-Yala), where he came top of his class in the 1977 West African  School Certificate Examination. 

Akpagu took his record of excellence into his University days where he finished as the best graduating student in his department (French) as well as faculty. This demonstration of excellence earned him the famous Dr. E.N Amaku Prize for Best Graduating Student in Languages from the University of Calabar in 1982.

A political colossus cum administrator, Akpagu who backed his Master and PhD degrees in 1985 and 1995 respectively was promoted to a the rank of a full Professor in 2007. He has held several positions including Commissioner for Education where he holds the record as the first in history of the state to establish 27 secondary schools within just two years. He also midwived the establishment of the only Cross River State owned University, University of Cross River (formally, Cross River University of Technology). 

Destined for greatness, Akpagu after serving in several positions including Head of Department, Dean, Governing Council Member, Deputy Vice Chancellor, etc, was meritoriously appointed the 10th and 1st alumnus Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar in 2015. As Vice Chancellor, Akpagu left indelible mark by going beyond just developing the institution to building men and women, developing communities, etc. 

Indeed, in his school of thought, money is paper but wealth is people around him. Akpagu may not be blessed with fortunes like many Nigerian "big men" but he's sure blessed with people he took from nothing to something. It's on record that it was in his time as Vice Chancellor that a Director of Cross River origin headed the strategic Centre for General Studies in the University for the first time. 

Although, very tall and elegant by nature, his achievements in the University of Calabar are taller than him. His projects are very visible to the blind and very audible to the deaf. Even after leaving office, his efforts are still giving the University recognition in global stage. Citing his investment and achievements in research and development between 2015-2020, a global ranking body, AD Scientific recently ranked the University as fourth best in Nigeria. 

Because of his sterling performances both as Commissioner and Vice Chancellor, Prof. Akpagu holds the record as the most celebrated Cross Riverian alive with more than twenty well deserved Chieftaincy titles from across the eighteen local government council of the State and the State Traditional Rulers Council. Some of the titles include, "Unwa-Ushie of Obudu" which is the highest chieftaincy title in Obudu, “Ushikebe 1” of Ipong, “Utekushu 1” of Bebuagbong, Obudu, “Utah kinde 1” of Bedia, Obudu, “Ushikpel kubong 1” of Ohong, Obudu, “Ntufam  Amid Ejagham” of the Qua Nation,  “Otebeche 1” of Yala, “Garkuwan Matasan Arewa”, "Okungboo1 of Bekwerra", etc.

For those who had the rare privilege of working closely with him, many will agree with me that his uniqueness and secret weapon rest in his ability to get the best out his lieutenants. There's no dull moment with him. You can't work with him and not find your footing. To make his foot soldiers function at the very highest level, the Professor knows when to play with them, when to get serious and when to punish. He's uniquely gifted by God and it's not a surprise that he has continued to wax even stronger and soar even higher. 

Words cannot correctly describe who this multi award winning leader, politician, administrator and many more is. At just 62, he has achieved so much and has built a lot of people. Where do one start from and where do you end? Perhaps, there's nothing one will say today about him that's new. 

My earnest prayer for him today is for God to grant him longer life and good health to enjoy the fruits of his labour. Prof. Akpagu has planted and watered a lot of seeds. He has insured his future and that of family rightly in the number of leaders he has raised. I've no doubt that when he looks back, he will be proud of the investment he has made in people. 

May God continue to bless and reward him. Every obstacles in his life will become a breakthrough and testimony. Nothing shall bring him down because he has lifted people up. He shall continue to soar higher because he has lifted others. 

Congratulations and hearty 62 cheers to the man of the moment, the man of the people, the Boss of inestimable valor, the father to many, High Chief Prof. Akpagu! May the light of God continue to shine on you now and forever. God Bless you, Sir for all you have done for us all! Your reward won't only be in heaven, it'll start from here, on earth!

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