FFK Saga: Daily Trust Journalist, Eyo Charles Bags International Award From US

Daily Trust Cross River State Correspondent, Eyo Charles 

A renowned news outlet based in Kansas City in the United States of America has conferred its global award on a Nigerian journalist, Eyo Charles of DAILY TRUST newspapers.

They said Charles acted maturely and was very courageous to ask a former minister of aviation in Nigeria, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode a probing question last year, October 20.

It would be recalled that at a press conference in Calabar addressed by Fani-Kayode about his national tours to inspect seven governments' projects all over Nigeria, Eyo Charles had asked him who was bankrolling his trips having left government over 12 years ago, and was not even a party official.  

The question had drawn the ire of the ex-minister so that he verbally assaulted the journalist at the press conference, calling him unprintable names, denigrating, abusing and attempting to humiliate him yet the journalist maintained his calm.

Francis John, founder of TipsNews, a member of Online News Association (ONA) in USA, with global influence and readership, in a letter of congratulations to the journalist this week said:  "Your conduct during the saga was really exemplary and commendable.  

"Also, your methodology of reporting used at this instance; is exemplary,  indifferent from any international standard of real-time whistleblowing. 

"You have acted in a proper manner expected in investigative journalism; reporting unethical or negligent professional activity or treatment, especially by public officials who do not conform to  high moral standard.

"This recognition is a tip-off received from our freelance global volunteers’ resident at your domain. 

"Your commentary was reviewed by our team of experts, and thought it necessary to accord you this accolade of 'Global 

Town Crier Media Award'.

"This award will be recommended to other international associates."

According to the founder, part of their commitment to the Nigerian journalist will be further professional training and would require his willingness to support their media programmes and public service causes.

John said the award is to encourage courageous journalists like Eyo Charles and to assure that the world is watching them from everywhere for their fearless and selfless services.

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