EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Journalism Core Is To Bridge Info Gap, Mirror Social -Dr. Ofem

Dr. Ofem Jesam 

In a riveting interview with Miss Precious ... (a second year student of Mass Communication, Arthur Jarvis University), Dr. Jesam Ofem, popularly known as Trinity, a scholar and well-known journalist sheds light about growing up, his burgeoning journalism career and other sundry issues.


Good morning Sir. Kindly let us meet you and probably have some insight about your childhood experience and growing up, please?

My name is Jesam Igri Ofem, PhD.  I was born over three decades ago in Enugu State, Nigeria. I did my nursery school there, but the rest of my education was acquired in Cross River State. I attended Government Primary School in Lebang (Mkpani), Offot Ukwa Secondary Grammar School Uyo, and Presbyterian Secondary Grammar School Mkpani. I went ahead to bag my bachelor's degree, MSc., and PhD, respectively at Cross Rivers University of Technology (CRUTECH), now the University of Cross River State (UNICROSS). 


 That's interesting. What inspired you to pursue a career in journalism?

Well, as a child, I always loved to speak. I had this innate desire to express myself and share stories. But what fueled my passion for journalism was my strong aversion to injustice. I couldn't stand seeing people being treated unfairly, and I wanted to do something about it. I wanted to be vocal about the change of the world for the better. Journalism seemed like a good platform to shed light on important issues and bring about positive change. 

After efforts to gain admission to study law at that time were abortive, I resorted to the next potent alternative, which was Mass Communication.

How was the journey during your studies?

Certainly, studying Mass Communication was a fascinating journey for me. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring various aspects of the field, such as journalism, public relations, photojournalism, advertising, and health communication. These areas have increasingly been influential in today's society and making waves everywhere. Daunting as studying in Nigeria might seem, the inner fire to make my family proud could not be extinguished. I was focused and undaunted. And today, I could look back with a great sense of fulfillment that indeed i made it through.

 Tell us about your Industrial Training (IT) experience, shed more light on it.

I did my IT at my department's television studio. It was a nice experience that allowed me to add practical knowledge to the theoretical knowledge already gained. Interestingly, I was able to handle different studio equipment like cameras and was involved in covering events around the school. With the experience, I was even thinking of another degree in photojournalism and videography. 

 What is your contribution to the advancement of others' careers especially politics?

Dr. Jesam:  Well I can proudly say that I am a practicing journalist. I am the Publisher and Editor-in-chief of Detailing News (an online news blog) and because of my adherence to the ethics of the journalism profession, with credible and balanced information dissemination, I was opportuned to work with the former Speaker of the Cross River State House of Assembly, and now Senator representing the good people of Cross River Central Senatorial District, Senator Eteng Jonah Williams. I assisted him in my little way with media presence and that, I can say, contributed to his victory at the last election. Today, he is a Senator. I am proud to have worked with such high caliber leaders in the society. By my profession, I am preoccupied with keeping the public abreast of the happenings of the society, be it governance, politics, business, security, crime, socioeconomic and cultural developments. The interest is to keep people in the know, mirroring to society and bridging the gap between the government and the governed.

 Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

My destiny is in the hands of the Lord and by His Grace, my name will be written in Gold in international and local arenas. God has continually strengthened me to keep working hard. And it is only by hard work and consistency that results are achieved. I will keep pushing, and without a shadow of doubt the sky is my point of view.

Thank you.

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