Profile Of Dr. Richard Orim, Special Assistant To Minister Of Sports Development

Dr. Richard Orim, Special Assistant (Administration ) to the Honourable Minister of Sports Development, Sen. John Owan Enoh 

Born in Amukwong Community in Obudu LGA of Cross River State, Dr. Richard Ekonesi Orim's life journey is marked by a steadfast commitment to academic excellence and a passion for mentorship. 

From his formative years at St. Anthony's Primary School, Alege - Obudu, to his attainment of National Certificate in Education (Maths/Physics) from the Federal College of Education, Obudu, Bachelors and Masters degrees in Mathematics Education, and later PhD in Dyscalculia and Mathematization from the University of Calabar, his academic trajectory reflects a relentless pursuit of knowledge and scholarly achievement. Dr. Orim who also studied hydrography at the Maritime Academy, Oron, is presently pursuing a Master's degree in Measurement and Evaluation at the University of Cross River State and simultaneously undertaking another Master's degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution at the National Open University of Nigeria.

Dr. Orim's illustrious career encompasses roles as a dedicated educator and a respected academician. This excellent academic icon and unassuming political guru began his career as a classroom teacher in several primary and secondary schools in Ogoja from where he moved to lecturing at the university. He has served in different committees as a lecturer in the University of Calabar including: 

Member, Governing Council Committee on Project Monitoring and Evaluation (2021-2023); Member, Governing Council Committee on Exit Strategy (2021-2023); Member, Governing Council Committee on Labour Related Matters (2021-2023); Member, Governing Council Committee on Disciplinary Matters (2021-2023); Member, Governing Council Committee on Needs Assessment (2021-2023); Member, Governing Council Committee on Financial Rules and Regulations (2021-2023); Member, Governing Council Committee on UNICAL Consult, Banking and Other Investment (2021-2023), amongst others.

His membership in esteemed professional organizations such as the Mathematics Association of Nigeria (MAN), the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), Science Teachers Association of Nigeria (STAN) and Curriculum Organization of Nigeria (CON)underscores his profound impact on the educational landscape.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Dr. Orim's commitment to community development is exemplified by his instrumental role in facilitating educational opportunities and employment for members of the Ukalu nation. 

He has facilitated the admission of 36 sons and daughters of Ukalu into different courses in UNICAL. 

He has given jobs to 12 people from Ukalu nation in different Ministries, Departments and Agencies.

He enrolled 43 Ukalu indigenes for WAEC and fifty-four (54) for JAMB.

Dr. Richard Orim has placed 27 Ukalu people on monthly stipend.

Dr. Orim, a husband and a father, has made visible concerted efforts in securing admissions, providing job placements, and supporting aspiring scholars. This is a reflection of his dedication to uplifting his community and fostering socioeconomic empowerment.

Dr. Richard Orim's outstanding contributions have garnered him prestigious accolades, including the Award of Excellence by the Science Education Students Association, University of Calabar Chapter, and the Fellowship Award from the Institute of Diplomacy and Financial Management. Dr. Orim’s 47 scholarly publications in both local and international journals underscore his intellectual prowess and scholarly impact. He is also the author of 3 books.

As Special Assistant on Administration to the Honourable Minister of Sports Development, the appointment of this lover of football heralds a new chapter in his distinguished career, promising to bring his vision, leadership, and expertise to bear on the advancement of sporting development in Nigeria and beyond. It also promises to expose the Ukalu nation to a new level of political achievements and dividends.

In celebration of his exemplary accomplishments, unwavering dedication and outstanding contributions to our community and the field of education, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and admiration to Dr. Richard Ekonesi Orim. We also extend our heartfelt gratitude, admiration and honour to his boss and benefactor, the Honourable Minister of Sports Development, Sen. John Owan Enoh, whose eagle eye spotted this shining light of Ukalu origin. May their legacies of excellence continue to inspire generations and ignite positive change in our community and beyond.

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