PMB Rumoured Death : Hatred Taken too Far, Ochicha

A Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress,  APC Mr. Odey Ochicha has described the speculation that President Muhammadu Buhari was dead as "hatred taken too far"
Ochicha who said this in a statement issued in Calabar warned those speculating the President's death to stop or risk provoking the anger of God upon themselves.

He said that as  a Christians, it is a sin against God and humanity for anybody to wish an innocent man with good intentions for Nigerians death because of politics.

The APC chieftain who was also the governorship candidate of the party in 2015 in Cross River state maintained that, what the country owe the President is prayers for speedy recovery not unnecessary attack on the President.

According to him, "The rumour that President Buhari died in London hospital is hatred taken too far. While the Bible says it's appointed for a man to die, but those wishing the President dearth should be careful not to provoke God's anger on themselves.

"The President has flesh and blood like every other human being so he can fall sick. Rather than attack the President unnecessarily as if his system is resistant to illness because he's the President, Nigerians should pray for him".
The APC stalwart added that, "In my State, Cross River we have had a situation where a sitting Governor went on sick vacation for more than three months and everything remained normal. The deputy performed the functions of the governor for the period of time and the state moved smoothly.

"I think the only offense the President has committed is by telling Nigerians the truth that he was going on vacation and would take some time to do some routine health check. I therefore, don't seem to understand the reason for the attack.

Unlike the situation we had in 2009 when the vice was not empowered to act throughout the time the President was undergoing treatment before he unfortunately died, Buhari has transferred powers officially to his Vice to perform his functions. So what are we quarrel ling about?

" We need to pray for the good health and success of President Buhari's administration because his success is the success of all Nigerians".

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