Nurses Strike : C'River Unelected Gov, Frank Ayade Role Exposed By Inyali Peter

Mr. Frank Ayade
Since nurses in Cross River state under the aegis of National Association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives announced on the 23/1/2017 that they were embarking on indefinite industrial action, there have been investigation to determine the real reason behind the strike. The investigation was necessary as it was rumoured that the reason was much more than meet the eyes.

And truly, it has been revealed that there's more to the matter than we were told by the nurses and government.

According to impeccable sources, although the state local government service commission has consistently be mentioned as the brain behind the industrial action, the real man behind the confusion is the Governor we never elected, Mr. Frank Ayade.

The Ayade's administration has performed abysmally in almost all the sectors but the shinning light in the primary healthcare development agency, Dr. Beta Edu has done some remarkable works in the primary healthcare sector. Whether her outstanding performances is at the instance of the governor (I don't think so) is a story for another day.

Having recorded some remarkable achievements in the health sector especially the primary healthcare, one would have expected the government to sustain or improve on them. But sadly, this is not the case as Frank Ayade, the Governor's younger brother who many describe as the most powerful man in the administration has extended his desperation, greed and gross misconduct to the sector.

Frank, described by political watchers as a dangerous virus militating against the development of the state, used his influence as the co-governor, (the illegal and unconstitutional office created for him by his brother) to compel the Local Government Service Commission to appoint Christiana Akeke, a level 13 health officer to superintend over senior nurses who are in level 15 and 16 as Primary Healthcare Coordinator in Obudu.

Akeke is a relative of the governor and was allegedly promised the coordinator position by Frank when she was appointed as a board member of Primary Healthcare Development Agency.

Nurses role of engagement clearly prohibit the appointment of a junior officer to a position of authority where the senior officers will take instructions from but because of the lawless and rudderless nature of the current administration, things like these have gone unabated. The story of the appointment of permanent secretaries which is still under investigation is a good example.

According to my source, Akeke was unduly appointed to the position of coordinator without recourse to the primary healthcare development agency that ordinarily should handle primary healthcare officers. The development was seriously rejected by the courageous and brave senior nurses who refused to submit to her authority.

But in a smart way to legalise the illegality, Frank ordered the Local Government Service commission to transfer all the senior nurses from the headquarters of primary healthcare centre in Obudu to make sure Akeke becomes the most senior. As a stooge of the unelected governor, all the senior nurses were transfered out without following due process.

Committed to making illegality legal and determined to always have his way, Frank asked the Commission to promote Akeke from level 13 to level 16 which also happened. How an officer will be offered triple promotion just to cover illegality has left many pondering.

Dissatisfied with the development, the nurses have been on indefinite strike action since then to force Frank who is a government on his own to reverse the decision. But as usual with the Ayade's administration, the government or Frank have refused to heed to the call of the nurses and refused to even negotiate with them.

One would wonder why any responsible government should play politics with a serious sector like health. Within this period, countless number of pregnant women and children especially in the rural areas have died from treatable ailments.

There are plots to compulsorily retire all the senior nurses who have spoken against this injustice without benefits or punish them if they insist on ousting Akeke. With things like this, it's very difficult to believe that Ayade truly understands the plight of the common man on the street. Is it compulsory that Akeke must be the PHCC? Is there no competent and qualified officer for the position apart from her? Must the coordinator come from Ayade's family?

Government is not a family business. It's not a one man show. The welfare of Cross Riverians is much more important than any interest the Governor is trying to protect using his recalcitrant and arrogant younger brother. The blood of the innocent children, pregnant women and adults who have died as a result of this strike shall be on the head of Governor Ayade and his family.

I want to appeal to the hardworking Director General of Primary Healthcare Development Agency to remember her concern and passion for lives and intervene with the view of addressing the issue. The Governor and his younger brother have shown that they are not interested in the plight of the poor masses.

Also, I want to passionately appeal to the National Association of Nigeria Nurses to consider alternative means of expressing their angersl. The effects of this strike is not on government but the people they took oaths to protect. Left for the Ayades alone, they can go to hell. The Ayades and other government officials have all the money to seek medical attention in choice hospitals. The lives of innocent Cross Riverians should predominantly form part of their discourse.

The said Christiana Akeke if truly she's a trained nurse that values lives should kindly sacrifice her desperation and avidity to be head for peace to reign. She should kindly resign. May be something better is awaiting.

But when she fails to consider this option, the association should write officially to their professional body to withdraw her license to practice. When this is done, she will officially and legally lost her mandate to practice as nurse and a non nurse cannot superintend over others. Accepting such appointment and trying to force her way to head others illegally is a professional misconduct and should be treated as such.

We can't afford to sacrifice innocent lives because of the greed and highhandedness of one family.

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  1. It is really unfortunate that politics decisions are based more on irrationality than sound judgment. Otherwise one will wonder why on earth decisions on headship of PHC should be regarded more important than human lives. What powers are given to Frank to hold the state to ransom? Have the state not had, and still have, more important and influential people than the Ayade family? What a shame!



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