Ogoja : Behold Your Moses

Mr. Leonard Afanga, Ogoja Local Government Chairmanship Aspirant

Ogoja is the beacon of the northern senatorial district of Cross River State as such have always been been expected to be a pacesetter in terms of development both economically, infrastructurally and in human development.

But over time, Ogoja has been bedeviled with terrible leadership which has hampered its development and made the notion of it been the mother of the northern senatorial district a huge mockery as they is nothing on ground to suggest that.

 Most  people who visits Ogoja for the first time are always surprised that the Ogoja they have been hearing about is nothing to write home about in terms of development. They wondered why the  huge resources in the land have not been annexed to the benefit of the people.

But today like Moses, God has sent a man to deliver his people from the hand of Pharaoh. a man that will take them to the promised land.

God has sent Mr Leonard Afanga to bring development and good governance to the people of Ogoja.

Mr Afanga is an exposed entrepreneur and the CEO of Synergy group of companies who is ready to bring his expertise and wealth of experience to bear as Chairman of Ogoja LGA.

As part of his contributions, Afanga has trained hundreds of Ogoja youths in oil and gas who have since been engaged by several oil companies across the country.

He also used his contacts to draw the federal government attention to availability of the abandoned Basanra  port which government has approved contract for its rehabilitation and soon Ogoja will become an economic nerve in the south south region.

Mr, Afanga has huge plans for the people of Ogoja, and all he is asking is an opportunity to serve his people.

Won't you give him that opportunity, for the growth and development of our beloved Ogoja?

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