Gody Jedy Agba : Shrouded By Who?

Prince Gody Jedy Agba 
Stories that make the round indicates that Prince Goddy Jedy-Agba is shrouded by politicians who are not allowing him to reach out to the "commoners" who in essence form the "grassroots" politicians and electorates. These, I think are not harbingers of bad news but their opinions and arguments seem to hold water and if it is true, then it is dangerous. 

One group among the story-tellers hold to the opinion that among those surrounding him at the moment, are some politicians with hidden agenda who are fraternizing with "Big Guns" in APC planning to run as Governorship candidates come 2019. One young man in the group strongly argued that he was in a political gathering where a close associate of the Prince agreed that he was working closely with him because he has the money to spend. 

He quoted him as saying that he will readily accept to be a Deputy to any candidate from South Senatorial District who offer to run for a Gubernatorial position. 

In continuation of his argument, he asked, how many among the so-called politicians following Prince Jedy is ready to spend his money to make his aspiration come to fruition? Can one really doubt this when there are elements of truth in the argument?

Come to think of it, you will no doubt agree to the fact that Prince Goddy when he came for the reception convened by APC Obudu Chapter for him and other top APC politicians, many youths complained that attempts made to reach him were frustrated by those they accused are shrouding him.

The second group argued that if Prince Jedy-Agba is intending to run for the Governorship position come 2019, he should openly let them know early. They say, he should not waste money attempting to field a candidate because by their words, "those politicians are all vampires." 

One among them who pleaded that his name should not be mentioned before he is killed said, "we know all of them and what they can do." He said, that man (referring to Prince Goddy Jedy-Agba) seem to believe them so much that he does not listen to what people are telling him now. 

He concluded by saying that let Prince Jedy-Agba come to Obudu and walk on the street of Obudu let us see who will intimidate him then he will know how many of us are ready to die for him. He laughed and said, well, I do not think his ambition is worth the blood of an average Obudu man or woman. That "man" he said, is a good man.

From the beginning of this write-up, I asked, "Shrouded by who?" In my interaction with him, I have come to know that The Man - Prince Goddy Jedy-Agba is accessible and can be reached by anybody.

 I have come to know too that he is a busy man loaded with challenges from a conglomeration of businesses spread across the country and even around West Africa. 

He has had health challenges that could have made him relapse in his relationship but far be that from him because he makes himself available to as many as want to see him.

To many people from different quotas, they may feel I am only attempting to give the excuse to appease some friends who are aggrieved already. I will not say no to that but take or leave it, Prince Jedy-Agba has not made categorical statement as to whether he will run as a Gubernatorial candidate come 2019 under the auspices of APC as a Party. If he will, which, I think the probability is zero, I believe that no one among the politicians surrounding him can shroud him from his people. 

He is the man of the people and that is what he stands for. I know most politicians are unconscionable but anyone among them who thinks he can undo Prince Goddy Jedy-Agba when the time comes will only undo himself. 

The evil that men do lives before them now. The time of Shakespeare has come and gone. I stand for him today, tomorrow and hereafter.

Architect Nchor Godwin Ogbada
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