Musing On The Truth : The Making Of A Real Governor

Mr. Bassey Ita
When I was growing up, my father and mother used to advice me in very strong terms never to tell lies. 'Insist on the truth... Don't say No when you meant to say Yes', they will often add. My moral classes also use to come with such strict instructions. And it became part of my frame that I'll live for what is right and just provided it serves the truth. In fact in all modesty as a human being, I have been on the side of truth and justice and equity and it is a spirit dwelling richly in me.
My emphasis on this is that I will crave the opportunity  to be heard or read, what future Cross River State will look like if allowed under a certain watchman. Let me mention Prince Goddy Jedy Agba as an example of what I have to say as the truth. I have discovered that quality leadership passes through  thorough grooming. Gold passes through a hot furnace in it's refinery.

Two schools cannot have same level of prowess academically. The same goes for leaders. The training ground for each leader determines his quality.The quality of a leader is measured by how much he is able to discharge himself credibly in his assigned responsibilities. Such leaders are imbued with the zeal to serve and not to steal from the people. He would have passed through some hardness for which his exposure to the reality of quality leadership adds up. Biblically speaking, the story ofJoseph who was sold by his kinsmen but later assumes leadership heights to their consternation symbolizes such leader.

 His sojourn in the palace of an  Egyptian Pharaoh, Potiphar puts him through several classes on morality, sound judgment and good governance. Isreal had accepted morality as a standard practice of life and perhaps it was one thing he needed as an edge over other brothers to show the difference between quality leadership and other kinds of leadership . that is making of the next Cross River leader.

God loves that state and craves qualitative and efficient leadership for it! I was taught that there are real leaders and positional leaders. And that while real leaders think about the people everywhere and at every situation to help them,  positional leaders only wait for every available opportunity to get the people's mandate and bolt with power. And Joseph turned out with the midas touch to be his brothers saving grace.That was a real leader! The import of this analogy is that real leaders pass through thorough conditions as a preparation ground for the delivery of fulfilled but hitherto hindered or delayed destinies.

Prince Goddy Jedy Agba finds himself in the Joseph's leadership environment. As a real leader, he is here as always to lead in the path to recovery. Like Joseph, his dream of planning an Eldorado for a Cross River State that has suffered what some call 'decomposition' had slammed him into the confinement of hate and denials. He was even wished death in the face of the harsh health conditions that came calling. These were his tests and examinations in Potiphar's school. Those times, of 24 days in the realm of the subconscious signaled a replica of the attempt to lure Joseph into illicit romance with Potiphar's wife. By the reason of the blessed assurance God has for the people of the state, he came completely alive.

 Today, the story in town is that he is still wearing that toga of a man who is down in health. How misinformed! We should have known that this days, God really proves that the foolish things of His do really confound the wisdom of men.

 Our Governor may be a Professor for instance but may have not the 'brain' to administer the state and vice versa . God can choose a nobody, one who has been despised and treated with disdain but that one may turn out to be the saving grace. What God thinks for our state is not a Professor for our leader but a Philosopher.

The one is seen in the light of his sincerity and complete attachment to what his spirit, body and soul dwell in. Those ones are often misunderstood for such attachment perhaps because politics this days has taken a different understanding but the reality for being attached to the people is quality and efficient leadership. There's so much suspicion that those who come with genuine goodwill and intentions are treated with disdain in their quest for quality representation.

 Joseph's brothers had thought their brother who was now in charge was going to wield the big stick. But alas the reverse was the case as a real leader doesn't reflect on those days of disdain treatment.

 President Muhammadu Buhari has discharged himself credibly but a trek down memory lane reminds of a man who was exposed to all sorts of ridicule in the course of the campaigns. I recall he was at a time branded a political dinosaur by those who won't have the Joseph kind of leadership disposition.

Today, like Joseph Buhari is the proverbial beautiful damsel that is the attraction of Governors who want to score cheap political points with his presence in their soil. My friends from central Senatorial District are reasonable to conclude that there prefer a man who is time tested by the event of his rejection and contempt and who insists in seeing a God-given vision come to fruition to a professor who is eloquent and has iconoclastic look but has nothing except  retrogression to offer the people of the state.

 Jedy Agba is typical of the Joseph mentioned here. A man who has the passion and concern for the people will always despise the shame of contemptuous tirade hitherto put on his way to attempt the fulfillment of Godly vision and mission. His dreams go beyond the ordinary and the utmost truth is that he is the chosen one. He would tell you that he 'Lioned out' of the 2015 episode but did not chicken out because he had a time to fulfill that Godly vision and so needed to recoup . when a Lion runs from a tough prey, he only moves a distance away to recoup.

His second coming will devour the prey. Opponents had better stop wasting their time but of course use it for another race course than  on stopping an agenda whose time has come. Truth is that one may attempt to fight God but will only be punching the air. What a wasted effort! Prince Goddy Jedy Agba may have suffered severe ship wreck politically in 2015 but that was a defining moment for his political career. He has today up his understanding of the game and I'm sure he would have no place to keep or bear grudges against his traducers. All were a part in that tutorial. All will be his subjects! That's the reality of royalty and power. Cross Riverians will  after years of lull, have yet another leader who though despised but interestingly became their Man Friday. This is the truth!

Prince Bassey Ita

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