OPINION : Mbube East Ward 1 Depreciating Or Appreciating?.

Okpokiri Peter 
By Okpokiri Peter 

The question in the minds of right thinking youths of Mbube East Ward 1 in Ogoja Local Government Area of Cross River State is, why is the ward not growing politically?.

Ego had beclouded the minds of some political elite from this axis. This is a ward where the birth rite of political portfolio ends at the corridors of the Local Government Council Secretariat. Except Francisca Agbo Onigar who was appointed the State Women Leader of PDP in 2012.

The political gladiators of this Ward had made politics seems so unrealistic with *archaic* political calculations to hypnotize the enterprising youth. 

The current political leader of the Ward, Hon. Emmanuel Ejukwa whom the people banked hope on as the political heavy weight who could have risen to either State or National Assembly, after his tenure as Vice Chairman of Council to Hon. Idagba,  during Donald Duke, later took up another appointment as Supervisory Councillor of Finance under Hon. Joe Eweh as Chairman. A situation that kept many wondering. Many were forced to ask if he does not have a boy he is grooming to at least build up with that appointment?. 
Statutorily, we had produced Councillors and appointees from this Ward and after the expiration of their tenure, that is the end of their political career within the enclave of the  Local Government. Could this be a cause?. We need to return to the drawing board. 

In other climes, you hear of the sweet chronological achievement of politicians who grew from one political office to the other.
Since the inception of Democracy, 18years ago, no one has risen and this had affected the infrastructural and structural development of the area. 

Most young and Educated people who could change the political History of the Ward are being quarantined on indication of interest as they appear to become prominent in the scene. 

In that ward, you will pay loyalty until you grow grey hair. Unrealistic hope is what you get in return. 

The real cause of retrogression and depreciation in the  political elevation of this Ward is Ego, oppression and hatred for one another. It is time the errors are corrected. Let no man fight for himself anymore. Team work will build us up again. 

We need unity now, a unity that would enable the ward muscle up strength of oneness, strength of Peace, strength of support  and the open mind to accept one another. Until this is achieved, the prayer of the people cannot go ahead of the politicians to see opportunities beyond the Local Government Council secretariat. 

#Okpokiri Peter is a journalist and writes from Calabar.
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