Chinese Geological Mapping For C'River : Stop Wasting State Funds On Fantasy, APC Chieftain Slams Ayade

A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress,  APC, Barrister Venatius Ikem has slammed Governor Ben Ayade for bringing Chinese to undertake geological mapping for Cross River State.

Ikem warned the Governor to desist from wasting state funds on things of fantasy to him to concentrate on more meaningful ventures for the state.

The APC stalwarts who said this while reacting to a report by Fearless Reports quoting the Governor as saying that Chinese province were in the state to carry out geological mapping noted that the state lacks the powers to embark on such exercise as it is in the exclusive legislative list.

Describing the exercise as "arrant nonsense", Ikem said that there is an existing geological maps for all the states in Nigeria which is domiciled in the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals as such the state cannot afford to waste money in embarking on same exercise.

The APC Chieftain, also a kinsman of the Governor accused Ayade's administration of "wasting" states funds on frivolous things while neglecting the major things that would have created impacts in the lives of average Cross Riverians.

According to the reaction, "Arrant nonsense! Can somebody tell Gov Ayade to stop wasting state funds? Nigeria has comprehensive geological maps of all the states. This can be found at the Ministry of Solid Minerals Abuja with a comprehensive data base that includes pin point location of minerals deposit locations and samples".

He added that "Indeed two of our sons. Mr. Pius Tawo and Mr. Linus Adie have good information on this. Besides this is a responsibility of the Fed. Ministry of solid minerals as this is in the exclusive legislative list.

He chided Ayade for the "penchant of trying to do what is not our immediate responsibility  while neglecting immediate concerns with disastrous results is at the root of the failure of this administration".

The outspoken elder statesman said that rather Ayade embarking on projects within his scope of responsibility, his administration only does things according to the Governor's fantasy.

"We just can't keep going on this wrong trajectory and expect different results. In government you don't do things according to your fancy. You do things within your sphere of responsibility and also influence other arms of government or even tiers of government to do theirs or supply you the information they may already have, to advance your development efforts".
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  1. As I read this masterpiece of advice, I wonder if His Excellency is properly guided by those on his appointment list. As a Lawyer that he is before becoming a Governor, does he not know that there is an existing geological map of all 36 states including FCT, Abuja, domiciled in the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals? If in his busy schedule, he has not had time to read and find that out, can't his Aide for Solid Minerals inform him that embarking on such escapade is waste of State funds? This is absurd and shameful too. Why is every business in this government about China? Can't he try somewhere else to do business?



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