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AUTHOR: GODDY JEDY AGBA with Matthias Uyouyo



It will be apt to begin with a throw back.

During the 2015 campaigns for the gubernatorial seat of Cross River State, I was an ardent supporter of Jedy Agba. I still believe the man would have been the best governor for Cross River State. I wrote several articles in support of his candidature. I debated my friends to a standstill. I spoke to several youth groups, rallying support for Jeddy. For me, it was either we get Jedy as governor or we will be making a huge mistake.

I use to have his phone number. The first time I sent him a text, he replied and then called me back. When I met the man in his Abuja office, he simply blew me away. He has a presidential intelligence couple with bristling energy that exude a sense of urgency. When you hear him marshal his ideas you will know he knows what he is talking about. He treated me and everyone around him with so much respect and with an executive detachment that instilled awe.

After my meeting with Jedy Agba my belief in him soared. I kept writing. I kept talking to my support base. And then the political shenanigans, bargain and transactions began. Just when we thought we were winning we starting losing. The long and short of it is that Senator Ben Ayade became the PDP candidate for the 2015 gubernatorial elections in Cross River State.

Blames were allocated and reallocated. Personally I thought our General will fight on. I wanted him to decamp to another party and fight on. I believed Ayade was not his match. But Jedy did nothing. He bargained our support away and entered into compromises that I still cannot comprehend. So I thought.

Jedy broke my heart.

I wondered whether Jedy knew that by refusing to contest he was denying us a competent governor from the north. Did he know he was denying us his wealth of experience and connections?

Jedy broke my heart.

No one even had the courtesy to explain to the teeming Jedy supporters why our General abandoned us. Is like we didn’t matter. Well, the truth is the man broke my heart but I kept on loving him even with the pieces of my broken heart. But the questions never stopped bothering me.

Why did Jeddy abandon us? Why?

Just when I thought I will never find the answers to these questions the man wrote a book – “Stepping Forward with Uti J.D AGBA.” When I heard that Prince Jedy Agba has written a book, I whispered to myself, “I hope the answers are in there.”

Chapter 7 of the Book opened with a gripping account of Jedy’s struggle with life and death. A struggle that began on the 18th of August 2014 and took him to the Sana Klinikum Offenbach in Germany where he underwent an open brain surgery and another surgery to fix his shattered shoulder for 25 hours! He was under the knife for 25 hours!

I sat on the edge of my seat reading how a man I thought gave up on me, on us, actually fought to the end against all odds. It is amazing. I found out I was just a victim of political propaganda. I didn’t know he was battling with a life threatening medical condition, I didn’t know he fought on in spite of his health, I didn’t know he bowed out after he had done all he could, especially health wise.

Well, I got my answer.

The book also provided answers to many life questions. The book exposes the cross that existed before the crown, it chronicles the story behind the glory; the book presents life’s struggles in a very inspiring way. The books outlines the achievements and giant strides of Prince Jedy Agba without bragging.

The book “Stepping Forward …” is not just an autobiography that tells the story of the life of its author; this book is much more than that: it is also a business plan, a manifesto, a call to action, a rallying cry…

The words of Jedy’s father, HRH Uti J.D. Agba, quoted on page 128 of the book captures the essence of his son’s story, the essence of the book and the very essence of life:
“When your people love you, and want you to lead them as they presently do, life will present you with another opportunity to serve them. I have come to understand that in circumstances like this, life always presents you with another chance. I am also realistic that one day, those who conspired against you will realize their mistakes and try to make amends. Forgive them and move on. In politics, as also in life, you will experience betrayals. Never dwell on those betrayals. To a certain extent, consider the experience as a vital cog in the learning curve.”

I highly recommend this book and congratulate the author Prince Jedy Agba; as the book is presented to the public on the 18th of November. 2017 by 10am at the Calabar International Conference Centre, Calabar, Cross River State.

First Baba Isa (FBI) is a Legal Practitioner and writes from Abuja.
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